Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just a Taste

I have planned out a post for each day this week (except Monday, obviously). However, I won't complete today's post until after work. So, here is a teaser. This picture actually goes with my Friday post, but I am breakin' all the rules just for you guys! Tonight's post will also have a Hailey update. TTFN!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hailey's Hope

The T-13 community will celebrate another little lady coming into the world. Hailey Marie will be born today (or maybe tomorrow). Her mom went in for induction last night...so it is only a matter of time before they welcome this little miracle into the world. I have been following Hailey's momma's blog for several months now. Rachelle is a devoted Christian and mom. Her and Tim have a 2-year old son and now a little girl. Facing such a difficult diagnosis, Rachelle has totally amazed me with her strength and determination. She is a force and I will be thinking about and praying for her today. This is the same prayer I posted when Elijah was born and now I will ask you to pray it again for little Hailey.

Dear Lord,
Please allow Hailey to be born without complication. Allow her to breath on her own so that her family will have time to meet her and love her. Please let her momma feel her breath on her cheek and feel the grip of her hand around her finger. Give the doctors and nurses compassion and guidance as they help this family today and every day after this. Continue to hold this family in your arms, filling their hearts with hope and love as you guide them on their journey.

PS. I know you are all still waiting on new pics of little man. I loaded them last night, but lost steam and didn't post. I hate promises...but...I promise tonight will be the night.

Monday, June 1, 2009

You Would Be Behind...

...if you spent your Saturday watching UT play the longest baseball game in NCAA history! Yep, we were there. Cristian's first UT baseball game (and mine too). We only stayed till 10:30...which was late enough for the little guy. Had it been just Carlos and I, we would have hung out until the bitter end...maybe even catching a quick snooze between innings. Those first 6 overtime innings were really exciting even though the actual hits were few and far between. It was the constant up and down of emotion as something happened good followed by something bad. And, speaking of bad...I am not one to pick on officials...but...that ump was a joke. Get some glasses ump! The strike zone does not include any space in and around ones sneakers...and if a ball bounces off of ones shoes it doesn't go flying all the way to right field. Duh. We went with the reserved seats, but next time we'll just take the general admission...there was not a bad seat in the house and the crowd was great. We had a total blast. Thanks to mom for putting us up on Saturday. After the extra innings we just didn't have the strength to drive all the way home. So...that is why there are still no camping pictures. I must research a better picture program. It takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r. ti load my new pics, which is why I procrastinate...sorry...maybe tomorrow!