Friday, January 11, 2008

Shopping Fun

I have several friends that will be "showered" soon, so I spent some time today cruising their Babies R' Us Registries. It has only been a year or so since we registered for Philip, so I was surprised at how much things have changed! I saw some of the coolest things on those registries.
It got me thinkin', what will I need for this baby? I am still convinced we are having a girl (even though the sonogram to confirm will not happen until February), so I will defineatly need new clothes and bows and frilly socks. But beyond that, we pretty much have everything we need. I know some of you are thinking, this is your second kid, you don't get a shower. Well, I disagree. I think each baby deserves it's own party. The registry may be smaller, but all babies are little miracles and they deserve to be celebrated. I turned down a shower for Philip. My friends at work gave me a small one, but I asked my family and friends not to. I just wasn't up to it at the time. Most of the things we have we bought ourselves (with money from family, friends and our own piggy bank). It was the right thing for us to just do our shopping alone with our son. This time, I want a party. I kind of feel bad that Philip didn't get his party until after he was gone, but I am hopeful that God will let this child stick around awhile. Anyway, I am looking forward to spending some time shopping for other babies and keeping my eyes peeled for cool stuff for my own.

BTW-My mom is buying a house!! Is that not wonderful? She found a beautiful new home in Kyle, TX (south of Austin and north of San Marcus off I-35). It has a stone front and 4 giant bedrooms. I am so excited for her...and now we have a perfect place for holidays! She closes in a few weeks and will move in shortly there after.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hormonal Hair Cut

Last Friday I did what all pregnant women do...I cut my hair off. I don't know if it was the dry heaves or the braxton hicks that got me itchin' to cut off the locks...but I am so pleased with the result, I added a large mirror to my office just so I can stare at myself all day! Nope, I am not kidding nor am I ashamed to admit it. I have spent many a day feeling fat and ugly...and now that I have a cute new hair cut...I am going to enjoy the heck out of staring at myself! I think this might just be the motivation I need to finally figure out this scanning picture business. In fact, I will be home all day tomorrow and I think I might spend some time learning to post pictures.

Speaking of's recliner delivery day!!! I am so excite! I got the call this morning, and sometime between the hours of 10am and 1pm tomorrow I am going to be breaking in my new, navy blue leather, recliner! WooHoo! And thank you Mom for the wonderful gift! Just in case you care, mom and I found the chair at Dillard's last weekend and it was on sale for half price! So while you eat your packed lunch tomorrow, think of me in envy as I extend my new chair and enjoy the ultimate in relaxation (and daytime TV)!

BTW-We did indeed order Philip's marker last week and were promised that it would be completed and installed by or on his first birthday (March 7). Yeah!

One more thing before I go. Those of you that pray, could you please say a little prayer for a close friend of mine. His wife found out she was pregnant shortly after me, but over the holiday, the baby passed away. They seem to be handling the loss quite well, but prayers always help.

So...the next time you hear from me I will be chillin' in my recliner, laptop in one hand, TV remote in the other!