Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Best Laid Plans

I wanted to post updates from the holidays this weekend, but our computer is sick with a virus. We should have it fixed by tomorrow and I can gear back up to start posting regularly!

In addition, please keep the people of Haiti in your hearts and prayers. I have been avoiding the news because I just can't handle the images and the thought of what they are going through; it breaks my heart to think about it...it is just too much to comprehend.

Matthew Paul Turner wrote a great post over the weekend about Martin Luther King. I really liked it and even heard it being endorsed on the radio yesterday (KLove). Small world! Matthew is in Uganda and has been posting about his trip. Amazing stories and pictures...you should check them out here.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Boy!

Because our newest baby is burnt orange and white, we decide on a UT themed name. We wanted something short and sweet and easy for Cristian to say. The winner is: MACK
Mandy and Paul stopped by last night to meet Mack and he fell in love with Paul. I wonder if Mack's former family were country folk. Paul had just come from the barns where he was tending to his pig, Ms. P.I.G. Mack seemed to take to Paul's scent right away. Country dog in the City...this should be an adventure for him!

We have added another member to our family...
And...it's a BOY! 28 inches tall and 60 pounds! Isn't he the cutest? This picture was taken at his former home...he doesn't sit on the furniture at our house. We picked him up yesterday and I am in love! He is a very good boy and has been trained really well. He was a rescue so we don't know a whole lot about his former life. Our friends who rescued him had taken him to the vet. He was a bit lean (you can't tell in this pic), but otherwise in good health. No heart worms or parvo. He had been in a dogfight while wondering the streets so he had to take some antibiotics. He looks great now (still a little lean). He is around 2 years old and we think he is a pointer, boxer, American bulldog mix of some sort.

I have never been a dog owner, so I really hesitated to get one. Carlos has been asking for years. When I saw this guy's sweet face I could not resist. Our friends who rescued him had him for a couple of weeks and were able to give an excellent recommendation. That made my decision much easier! We are being cautious with Cristian, not leaving them alone together for awhile. So far so good...last night was great. It is rainy and cold, so Big Dog slept in the garage. He did great and went to the restroom right on cue when Carlos walked him this morning. We don't have a name for him yet...I am pulling for 'Hank' and Carlos wants 'Bud.' If you have a suggestion leave me a comment...we would love to know what you think!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Under Construction

As you can see my blog is undergoing some changes. It is a new year and my devotion to this blog has been renewed! I am excited to start, but a fresh slate was needed...some new paint on the walls. I am just using some freebies for now, but am hopeful that I will one day figure out how to customize the header. I am unwilling to spend money, so time and patience will be needed. No rush, I am happy with this new look and will just add a few choice poses to the side bar! New posts to come this week...from October pumpkins, Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas presents, I've got tons to share.