Friday, February 19, 2010

Philip's Legacy

I haven't blogged in awhile, but today I felt very moved to do so. Kelly's Korner is a great blog written by an amazing woman. I have not participated in her 'Show us your life.' Friday's before, but today is different. Today, she is hosting a 'Show us your encouragement blog or website.' When we received Philip's diagnosis, I broke down...then I googled. I was on the Internet for hours that night, well into the early morning. I needed to research and I needed to find others; other parents who could help me understand. For me, education and learning is the key to take away my fear. The best place for me became the living with trisomy 13 site. I found support, love and understanding. I am still in contact with several of the moms I met through that site and keep up with the online support group. I have been contacted by several moms in my area who were going through early diagnosis and I felt really blessed to be that person for them. That 'other' that I had yearned for in the beginning. My blog is a bit neglected lately, but I hope if you have found your way here you will click on the link to the right 'Philip's Story' and take a few minutes to read about our amazing first born and the impact he made on our family. I miss him everyday, but he gave me so much. He made me the one thing I always dreamed of being, a mom. After you read Philip's story, please feel free to talk a look around the Living site. There are pages and pages of beautiful miracles, some living on Earth and some in Heaven. Thank you for stopping by!