Friday, April 24, 2009

One day, two posts!

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Random Pics and a Video

Cristian has been quite the handful the last few weeks. He is cutting 2 more top teeth. The ones in the top middle are working ther way out (about half-way there as of today) and now the two teeth on either side are coming out. He is a laughing ball of whiny clingyness. A total enigma if you will. One minutes cracking up and the next total velcro kid, stuck to my leg and grunting. I have to abmit, he is super cute even when whining. To top it off he has become a little diehard, he refuses to go to sleep even when he is rubbing his puffy little eyes and cuddling with George the stuffed monkey. He turned 10 months old this month and per usual we took his 10-month bear chair pic. It is so amazing to me that it wasn't that long ago that we were propping him up on the chair or laying him down. Now, he just hangs out all on his own.
10-month Bear Chair

In addition we took a quick trip to Fiesta last Sunday. With our crazy schedules as of late we didn't expect to have time to do any Fiesta stuff this year, so with some unexpected time Sunday afternoon we ran downtown for a few hours. We just parked and walked around in Market Square. Cristian enjoyed the Tejano and Mariachi music and mom and dad enjoyed the food and cold beer! The little old lady that makes the gorditas was there again this year and the gorditas were delicious. Of course no outing would be complete without Carlos running into someone he knows! I have lived her for most of my life and I NEVER run into anyone I know...Carlos has lived here 3 years and we can't go anywhere without an encounter! He is just like my Papa. We had a nice time and made it back to the car right as the sun was going down (and all the crazies come out :-).
Cristian's First Fiesta
Mom came in town today for an appt., so she stopped by this afternoon for some baby love. While she took some video I downloaded pictures from her camera. Check out this little buckaroo! This was taken at a new resterant we tried a month or so ago. The food = not so good, the service = really bad, the props = priceless. Is this kid cute or what?
And finally, a video. Cristian has been pulling up for months, but only recently started moving his feet and sort of walking around things. While mom was here we tried to get him to walk behind his little car thing and it worked! Here is the proof. (please ignore the TV, I should have turned it off, it is a bit distracting...oops)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Long Overdue Easter Post

Carlos had to work Easter afternoon, so we got up early and headed to church. Mom bought Cristian his Easter outfit...a very traditional sailor suit. Carlos found it quite funny saying it was a 'white thing'. He's right, I had a sailor dress as a baby and now my baby has his own sailor suit. He looked super cute, as you can see and he loved the bells on his shoes (Thank you Aunt Carol!). We can take Cristian anywhere, and as usual he was perfect at church. He looked around for awhile then fell asleep for a quick nap.

Cristian with his Easter Baskets and Toys from Grammie, Abuelita and Mom&Dad

With Daddy before Church
With Daddy after church, visting Big Bro Philip

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pictures & Updates

So, I never got around to posting pictures last weekend. Oops! Well, here is one from Franny and Zooey's 1st birthday. Aren't they just precious? Here Zooey gives Franny her icing. Not sure what Zo was thinking...isn't the icing the best part? Sweet, sharing baby.
This weekend we had a busy one. We spent Saturday at the Highland Games here is Helotes. Cristian really liked the music; especially the Celtic Rock band. We watched the athletes and Daddy took a turn trying his hand at archery. He was really good at it! I totally forgot my camera so we don't have any pictures! Boo, hiss! On Sunday we went to the Orange&White Game on the UT campus in Austin. I called you Lisa...but you never called me back! Anyway, we had so much fun. The game is just a scrimage of the team against themselves. It gives the diehard fans (Carlos) a chance to check out the talent for next year. In addition, this year they were going to sell the field. Literally! They are getting a new field (artificial turf, I think) so they cut up the current turf into 12x12 squares and sold them for $20. I was convinced we would come home with enough squares to cover our front yard...but Carlos surprised me when he decided he didn't want any. Here is a pic of the boys after Cristian's first UT game!
And, well, I could not help but include this pic that I caught yesterday, before the game, at my mom's. This kid and his toes...sometimes he is too lazy to even remove his socks. I find him, quite literally, slobbery sock covered foot in mouth. So gross (but really cute!!!).
BTW- Cristian's top two teeth FINALLY come in. The right is a bit farther out than the left, but they are coming along. His nose is still a bit runny, but his mood has vastly improved!