Monday, April 6, 2009

Pictures & Updates

So, I never got around to posting pictures last weekend. Oops! Well, here is one from Franny and Zooey's 1st birthday. Aren't they just precious? Here Zooey gives Franny her icing. Not sure what Zo was thinking...isn't the icing the best part? Sweet, sharing baby.
This weekend we had a busy one. We spent Saturday at the Highland Games here is Helotes. Cristian really liked the music; especially the Celtic Rock band. We watched the athletes and Daddy took a turn trying his hand at archery. He was really good at it! I totally forgot my camera so we don't have any pictures! Boo, hiss! On Sunday we went to the Orange&White Game on the UT campus in Austin. I called you Lisa...but you never called me back! Anyway, we had so much fun. The game is just a scrimage of the team against themselves. It gives the diehard fans (Carlos) a chance to check out the talent for next year. In addition, this year they were going to sell the field. Literally! They are getting a new field (artificial turf, I think) so they cut up the current turf into 12x12 squares and sold them for $20. I was convinced we would come home with enough squares to cover our front yard...but Carlos surprised me when he decided he didn't want any. Here is a pic of the boys after Cristian's first UT game!
And, well, I could not help but include this pic that I caught yesterday, before the game, at my mom's. This kid and his toes...sometimes he is too lazy to even remove his socks. I find him, quite literally, slobbery sock covered foot in mouth. So gross (but really cute!!!).
BTW- Cristian's top two teeth FINALLY come in. The right is a bit farther out than the left, but they are coming along. His nose is still a bit runny, but his mood has vastly improved!


Kelli said...

Gotta love it when they eat their toes...So cute! That was Braden's favorite "beeball" shirt :)

Li Li said...

Whoa! Cristian is so TALL! How fun-- and yes, I didn't call you back. :( But I did just call your work, cell and house phone to make ammends and either you are mad and screening me or just busy. I hope it is the latter of the two. Forgive me!!!

Lani said...

Nothin' like gnawin' on your toes to make your teeth come in!
I love the UT pic; he's soooo big!