Friday, March 27, 2009

Cutting Teeth

Sorry it has been a few days since my last post. We spent Saturday at Franny & Zooey's 1st birthday party followed with a visit to the Emergency Room. Don't worry, everyone is fine. Mom was quite ill and was having pain in her stomach that got worse throughout the day. By 5pm it got so bad she thought it best to have it checked out. Carlos and Cristian stayed at mom's house and I took mom to the hospital in San Marcus. The ER was really clean and looked newly built...although the hospital itself looks kind of old. The staff was great and although we were there wasn't that bad. Mom is fine and they sent her home with some pain killers to help until she can see a specialist...which will be this coming Monday. She is feeling alot better as of today, the meds have helped. This week had been busy with work and the usual day-to-day stuff. In addition Cristian is cutting his two top teeth. He has been pretty clingy all week. Which I have to admit, I don't mind! We have let him sleep with us and he has slept really good dominoing into us sleeping really good. A win win all around! I will post a few pics from the B-day party tomorrow...when I am not so tired.

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