Thursday, May 28, 2009


So, once again, me = bad blogger. We had a great time camping two weekends ago. I will post pics soon. It was a bit cool so swimming for the little guy was out of the question. Instead we laid around and played cards, enjoyed the quiet and slept with the windows open. We enjoyed an amazing storm with lightening and thunder and somehow we fit (all three of us) in a full size bed! This past week work has been really busy and I lost my voice last weekend. So, I have had a little scratchy throat and have been coughing enough to annoy all of my coworkers. I'm not sick, but I certainly sound like it. :-( Anyway, Cristian's birthday is coming up fast and furious. I took Cristian to buy decorations today. We are planning to have the party on Saturday, June 13th from 11am-1pm, so mark your calenders. I am sending an evite for all of you who are online regularly and I will be mailing a few invitations to a couple of folks that don't use the internet. If you are email invitation receiver and you really, really want the real, paper kind, just shoot me an email and I will send one out for you. I am doing the evite thing for several reasons (less trees are cut, easier for me, easier to RSVP, fast delivery, FREE), but I am happy to send 'real' invites to anyone who wants one. No biggie, just let me know. Otherwise, keep an eye on your inbox, the evite will be coming soon.

To gift or not to gift? Our house is filled with clothes and toys. So, I will be asking all that attend Cristian's party to forgo gifts. If they must buy the munch a little something we would welcome Baby Einstein DVDs or gift cards that we could use for diapers and food (Cristian's food, not ours...he gets special, expensive food and snacks for school). Is that totally rude to put in the evite? Not that it matters, I am including it anyway! :-0

We plan to spend some time...hopefully alot of home this weekend so pics of the camping trip to come!

Love ya'll,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

4 Days, 4 Blessings

Thursday, a birthday
Little Elijah was born on Thursday morning. His momma and daddy had one glorious hour with him before he went to be with Jesus. Vianca's prayer was mine, that they be given a chance to meet their son. Our prayer's were answered, Praise God!

Friday, a reunion of sorts
My friend Monica's birthday is well, actually, today, but we celebrated on Friday night. Carlos was working so Cristian's Aunt Alice (Mandy's sister) kept him for us. She hasn't seen him in awhile and her boys were thrilled to play with their "Peanut". Hayden told me he was going to teach Cristian how to walk! So, Mandy and I went to this club to hang out with our old friends and to remind Monica that she is the oldest of our bunch. We had such a good time that we stayed way to long and Cristian ended up having his first sleepover. Ooops! Alice and the boys were thrilled, as they weren't quite ready for him to go home anyway. Just some quick background, when I moved back to SA in 2000 I lived with Mandy and Monica. We also moved in Dolores for a few months and Michelle was with us most weekends. So, seeing Michelle and Dolores and Monica was such a blast. We laughed about all the old stories and danced to some very serious old school tunes! Oh, and Monica and I have planned a play date for Cristian and Ava (Ava was born last October). Can't wait till Wednesday, it should be fun for the babies and for us!

Saturday, an anniversary
Yep, two years ago yesterday we got married. It was a Wednesday morning. Per our tradition, we had dinner at El Chapparel (but this time we were joined by Sam and Alba and their son). The food was delicious as always but the service was not what it used to be. They changed the waiters clothes, now they wear all black and a tie. I guess the new clothes went on and the waiting skills went off. I hope they get their act together...the crowd was especially small for a Saturday...

Sunday, a celebration
Today is Mother's first one with a baby not in heaven and not in the womb. It is different. Instead of dreaming about motherhood, I was up at midnight living it with a hungry baby. Today I will spend my mother's day honoring my mom with a quick trip to IKEA!

In addition, today is Isabelle's birthday!!!! Izzy, I have a gift for you but I was hesitant to mail it. I sent your card, but will bring your gift when we see you this summer! I hope you have a great day of celebration. Your cousin Cristian and Tio Carlos send their birthday wishes too!

Oh, and one quick, official, Happy Birthday!! to Monica.

I hope you all have a wonderful mother's day.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Please Pray

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a very sweet woman named Vianca who's sweet baby boy Elijah was diagnosed with full T-13. She was 32 weeks along at the time. We emailed back and forth and talked on the phone. I tried to offer her hope for her son and advice about possible options for him before and after his birth. Since our journey with Philip I have prayed for God to give me an opportunity to share all that we learned. I just knew that I had tons of information that might help someone else following the same path. This wonderful woman gave me that chance. My prayers were answered! Vianca is so strong...she has amazed me with her planning. She and her family made tons of decisions and arrangements. They are so much more prepared than we were. Last night she called and said she had gone into labor and they were in process of transferring her to San Antonio. Her doctor is here and she really wanted to give birth here. I expected her to come in town in a few weeks as she is only 35 weeks, so getting her call took me by surprise. Please, please, if you are reading this, pray for Vianca and her family and especially for baby Elijah. I have not heard from her today, so I am hoping that she is enjoying her little guy right this very second. Loving him and introducing him to his siblings. This is my prayer today, please take a moment and pray with me.

Dear Lord,
Please allow Elijah to be born without complication. Allow him to breath on his own so that his family will have time to meet him and love him. Please let his momma feel his breath on her cheek and feel the grip of his hand around her finger. Give the doctors and nurses compassion and guidance as they help this family today and every day after this. Continue to hold this family in your arms, filling their hearts with hope and love as you guide them on their journey.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekends in Pictures

Saturday, April 24, 2009 - King William Fair
Cristian knocked out right as we were leaving and about the same time I remembered to take pictures. You can't tell, but my upper chest is red as a lobster. It was overcast and I completely forgot how easily I burned. Duh.
Sunday, April 25, 2009 - Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Our nephew Stefan was confirmed in church. Carlos was his sponser. After mass we took this family shot right before we headed to Pappasitos to celebrate with yummy fajitas and flan!

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009 - Palacios Dining Room
Cristian is starting to eat more meals with 'real' food. This morning he had cherrios, apples and yogurt for breakfast. Carlos had him laughing so I took a few shots of his teeth...for your viewing pleasure of course! Here are the bottom two teeth.
And here are the top two! He has another one on the top right, but it hasn't come out far enough for pictures yet. The one on the top left is just cutting through. Maybe in a few weeks I can capture all four in one shot!
Saturday, May 2nd, 2009 - Helotes Cornyval Parade
We got up early and went to Cristian's first parade this morning. We found a good place in the shade (thank you Lord!) and even made some new friends. Cristian enjoyed the first 30 minutes or so, but by 10:30 he was exhausted and crashed right there in my lap. I guess missing your morning nap really catches up with you. Carlos and I had favorite was defineatly the Shriners. They had at least 5 different groups of go carts that would drive real fast in circles. My description does not do it justice...anyway, they were the best. It was defineatly a small town parade, complete with the local high school band and the Helotes mayor. Oh, and we saw Carlos' friend Jessica from the resteraunt, too. She is Miss Fiesta and rode in the back of guessed it...convertible. Loved it!
Now, there were 3 pictures of me in this all my there you go, Linen 44.