Sunday, May 10, 2009

4 Days, 4 Blessings

Thursday, a birthday
Little Elijah was born on Thursday morning. His momma and daddy had one glorious hour with him before he went to be with Jesus. Vianca's prayer was mine, that they be given a chance to meet their son. Our prayer's were answered, Praise God!

Friday, a reunion of sorts
My friend Monica's birthday is well, actually, today, but we celebrated on Friday night. Carlos was working so Cristian's Aunt Alice (Mandy's sister) kept him for us. She hasn't seen him in awhile and her boys were thrilled to play with their "Peanut". Hayden told me he was going to teach Cristian how to walk! So, Mandy and I went to this club to hang out with our old friends and to remind Monica that she is the oldest of our bunch. We had such a good time that we stayed way to long and Cristian ended up having his first sleepover. Ooops! Alice and the boys were thrilled, as they weren't quite ready for him to go home anyway. Just some quick background, when I moved back to SA in 2000 I lived with Mandy and Monica. We also moved in Dolores for a few months and Michelle was with us most weekends. So, seeing Michelle and Dolores and Monica was such a blast. We laughed about all the old stories and danced to some very serious old school tunes! Oh, and Monica and I have planned a play date for Cristian and Ava (Ava was born last October). Can't wait till Wednesday, it should be fun for the babies and for us!

Saturday, an anniversary
Yep, two years ago yesterday we got married. It was a Wednesday morning. Per our tradition, we had dinner at El Chapparel (but this time we were joined by Sam and Alba and their son). The food was delicious as always but the service was not what it used to be. They changed the waiters clothes, now they wear all black and a tie. I guess the new clothes went on and the waiting skills went off. I hope they get their act together...the crowd was especially small for a Saturday...

Sunday, a celebration
Today is Mother's first one with a baby not in heaven and not in the womb. It is different. Instead of dreaming about motherhood, I was up at midnight living it with a hungry baby. Today I will spend my mother's day honoring my mom with a quick trip to IKEA!

In addition, today is Isabelle's birthday!!!! Izzy, I have a gift for you but I was hesitant to mail it. I sent your card, but will bring your gift when we see you this summer! I hope you have a great day of celebration. Your cousin Cristian and Tio Carlos send their birthday wishes too!

Oh, and one quick, official, Happy Birthday!! to Monica.

I hope you all have a wonderful mother's day.

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