Wednesday, April 30, 2008

East Texas Shower

Two weekends ago my aunts gave Carlos and I a shower for Cristian in East Texas. I was so excited to see our family and celebrate the pending arrival of our second little boy. Saturday afternoon the crowds started arriving around 3pm. By 5pm it was in full swing. There were a ton of people that came and they were all relatives! Sometimes I forget how BIG (and loud) our family is until it slaps me in the face. It was absolutely wonderful!! The best way to spend a Saturday!

I was quite overwhelmed with the generosity of our family. Actually, I am still overwhelmed. Accepting all that love from our family was very difficult for me. Having everyone show their love in the forms of time, effort and gifts showered on us was completely surreal. I did surprise myself though…only one break down the whole time…and I managed to sneak away so not to cry in front of everyone. Thanks to Aunt Colleen for sharing her hideout and giving me a shoulder.

So, in the end we had a wonderful weekend. Gossiping and catching up with our family. After Cristian is born we would like to have another BIG get-together so everyone can meet the little guy. Hopefully my aunt & uncele won’t mind loaning their house again!

Weekend of Babies

I have been meaning to post for a couple of weeks now, but I have been so busy that I could not seem to find the time. Three weeks ago Carlos, my mom, and I drove up to see my friend Lisa. She and her husband have new twin girls (Franny & Zooey). They are just the cutest and I could not wait to spend two days staring at them and kissing there chubby cheeks.

We had such a nice time. Lisa and Joe are great parents. They were only 2 weeks along when we went to visit and already they looked like old pros. I never had any doubts about their abilities, but you never know how people will adjust when they experience such a change in life. Lisa was already wearing her mom hat and Joe was the proud papa. Both were tired but glowing and the love in their eyes was lovely to see. It was also quite cute that with two babies no one had to share. They each had a baby at all times. I guess that could be a bit hard…2 babies needing to be fed at the same time at 2am…everybody must be up, no taking turns with 2…but, I just really think it is cool.

Reluctantly, we had to leave on Sunday and come back home. I missed Lisa the minute we left. I won’t be able to travel back to Dallas until probably several months after Cristian is born, so I guess I won’t get to see the girls again until they are close to 6 months old! I wonder how F&Z will react to little Cristian. I love seeing babies checking out other babies; that is always so cute. Oh well, I will just pressure Lisa to keep posting pictures on her blog so I can keep kissing F&Z’s cheeks through my screen!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Profile Shot of Little Cristian

Last Thursday I had another doctor’s appt. This one included a sonogram and my 28 week glucose test. I am hoping that I passed that test, because with Philip I failed by 2 points and was subjected to the 3 hour test. Yuck! I haven’t received a call from the doctor as of yet, but I have another appt. next week, so we will see. As far as the sono went, Cristian still looks healthy and is quite active (like I didn’t know that already, he’s a regular Rocky Balboa..shout out to Lisa). At one point the tech showed me his little feet moving up and down, up and down. Yep, he was doin’ a little marching on Mommy’s bladder. Hmmm, now I know what that is. I mean, I know that he moves and then I run to the ladies. But it is an eye opener to actually see him marching. Cute? Absolutely. Fun running to the ladies every ten minutes? Not so much. I did get a new picture, but it is not as clear as the pictures from the specialist, so I will post those instead. Oh, and she double-checked and yes he is still a he. We got a picture of that as well. You know, “the boy parts.” And, even though I would show you his stuff in person (I have no idea why that is an acceptable practice) I will not be posting that picture. Something illegal feeling about that whole issue.

Saturday, with the weather being quite delicious, we decide to open up all the windows and enjoy the breeze while we cleaned and organized the house. It sounded like a good idea at the time. Obviously I put zero thought into the time of year and the pollen count. So, two days later, I sit in agony with a stuffy (and runny) nose and a bit of a sinus infection. Nothing serious, just an allergic reaction to the outdoors. Happens every time. I should have known better.

Oh, I almost forgot. Saturday morning, before the genius window incident, Carlos and I went to a baby sale. Ok, they weren’t selling babies (although we would have bought one of those too), just baby stuff. The SA group for Moms of Multiples has a semi-annual sale at the Helotes Civic Center. I saw the sign on my way home Friday, which is really odd because I never go home that way. We ended up buying a gently used 3 in 1 car seat for Cristian. It matches our carrier/stroller combo and was just 90 bucks. I could not believe it (the seat retails for almost $200)! It does not even look like a kid has ever sat in it. So we totally scored. They had tons of other stuff, some of it in really good condition, but we didn’t find anything else we needed. Their next sale is in August if anyone is interested…I highly recommend checking it out and getting there early.

Got a call on Saturday from my brother scolding me for not answering my dad’s phone call. I found that quite humorous since, as far as I knew, my phone had not rung all day. Anyway, my dad had indeed left me a message on my cell (still don’t know how we missed that…maybe I was in the shower, outside?) I called him back and was given an invitation to a BBQ at his house on Sunday. My father’s wife’s father (did you get that?) had a birthday last week and they decided to have a little BBQ in his honor. Well, Mr. B. is one of my favorite people, so of course we accepted. We ended up having a really good time…playing the Wii, riding in the boat, and playing a game called Whoooonu. It was a fun Sunday. Oh, and silly me, I did not take one picture. Duh.

BTW-I'll come back this evening and post some pics of the baby.