Wednesday, April 30, 2008

East Texas Shower

Two weekends ago my aunts gave Carlos and I a shower for Cristian in East Texas. I was so excited to see our family and celebrate the pending arrival of our second little boy. Saturday afternoon the crowds started arriving around 3pm. By 5pm it was in full swing. There were a ton of people that came and they were all relatives! Sometimes I forget how BIG (and loud) our family is until it slaps me in the face. It was absolutely wonderful!! The best way to spend a Saturday!

I was quite overwhelmed with the generosity of our family. Actually, I am still overwhelmed. Accepting all that love from our family was very difficult for me. Having everyone show their love in the forms of time, effort and gifts showered on us was completely surreal. I did surprise myself though…only one break down the whole time…and I managed to sneak away so not to cry in front of everyone. Thanks to Aunt Colleen for sharing her hideout and giving me a shoulder.

So, in the end we had a wonderful weekend. Gossiping and catching up with our family. After Cristian is born we would like to have another BIG get-together so everyone can meet the little guy. Hopefully my aunt & uncele won’t mind loaning their house again!

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Li Li said...

YES! Let's also have one in San Antonio...maybe a dual one with the girls. Sweet!