Friday, December 3, 2010


What a crazy couple of weeks this has been!!! We decided to move the day before Thanksgiving. It was not the best idea, but it was the only day that worked for everybody’s schedule. I reserved the truck (a big 26 footer), hired a couple of guys to come over and load the truck (with help from Carlos and our friend Sam), and I rented a storage unit. Everything was going well. We found a new school for Cristian and I was excited to move and have a few extra days to get the house in order before closing. Then, the day before the big move, my realtor called. We would be closing the next day…on moving day! I was pretty ticked at the situation, but there was really nothing I could do. I called in mom for help. I was not going to leave 4 dudes unsupervised while I went to sign the papers. Mom agreed to help (Thank You God). It was a tough day that ended around 10pm. We moved everything…to three separate locations…in one day! It was exhausting for all. We even flowed a little moving into Thanksgiving morning. It worked out and we returned the truck on time, and still had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with Carlos’ family at my brother- & sister-in-law’s house.

We rounded out the holiday weekend with a little shopping on Black Friday and a mini-trip to Palestine (TX) on Saturday. We went to Palestine to ride the Polar Express with a bunch of ladies and little ladies in my family. Cristian was, of course, the only boy. We had so much fun! All the cousins thought the tickets were a little pricey, but once the ride was over we knew they were worth every penny! We made plans to make the trip every other year. We had such a blast…spending time together and watching the kids faces during the train ride. It was amazing! A perfect end to a less that perfect week.

Cristian went to his old school for the last time this past Tuesday. The kids made him a big card and his teacher gave him a little gift. We love that school. He attended for the last two years and he loved it. The staff is wonderful and Cristian made such good friends…several of which he has known for the entire two years (since they were 6 months old or younger!).

He started his new school on Wednesday. It is a Christian school that has preschool and K through 12 grades. We are excited that he will have bible education added into his curriculum. His teacher is great and he seems to like it already. After his first day he told me “I making new friends!” When asked if his new friends were boys or girls, he said “Gurls, Petty Gurls.” Guess we better keep a close eye on that kid, he is starting early!

Things are starting to get into a groove with this new normal of ours. Carlos is at his moms and I am at mine. Cristian still doesn’t understand that we can not go “home”. He keeps asking to go home and it breaks my heart every time. I keep explaining that Grammie needs company so we are going to stay with her for awhile. I am feeling like the worst mom ever for confusing him and making all these changes in his life at once. He is doing OK though, resilient little man. He smiles most of time, just like he always has. He is (finally) sleeping in his own bed! Not sure how that happened, but he just decided when we moved and he has done it ever since. I am getting much better sleep now that I don’t have two little feet in my back all night! It is a win-win on that front.

We are sort of looking forward to the holidays…which kick off with a Train Ride this weekend in SA and Cristian’s school Christmas program next week. We still have a few boxes that need unpacking and some organizing that needs to be done at Grammie’s I plan to work on that this Saturday before we head in town for the train ride. I am hoping we get the tree up and decorated on Sunday, so we can enjoy it for a few weeks. Not sure what other plans we have for the holidays, but they will include ham, mashed potatoes, corn casserole, and a chocolate pie from the bakery in Kyle. Yummy! We didn’t really have leftovers from Thanksgiving, so I am going to make extra at Christmas. I love second day ham sandwiches and chocolate pie!