Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Rememberance Day

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day and like every day, we remember our Philip. It just feels more official today. So, as you walked through your day, can you please take a few minutes to remember any and all little ones that have gone to be with Jesus? Pray for their families as they continue on in their lives with a little piece of their heart missing forever. I will be stopping by Philip's place this afternoon to have a quick chat...just a few minutes with my boy.

I have been horrible at posting lately, just feeling very overwhelmed with many things to do to keep up with the daily stuff and so many things I want to accomplish on top of the chores. I had a birthday this past Sunday. Carlos threw me a little surprise party with friends on Saturday night at our local hang out. It was so much fun. Then, on Sunday, I had a panic attack for breakfast. Not sure if it was the 'turning a year older' or the Hanna Montana movie my son and niece were watching that did the trick, but I was in a full blown panic. Tears, hyperventilation, it was all there and I was so embarrassed. My mom helped talk me down. Poor Cristian and Dru just sat there looking at me...their eyes said "Hey crazy lady, snap out it!" Oh, geez. So, when I say it has been crazy 'round here, I ain't lying. ha ha ha. I hope everyone is doing well, I will try, very hard, to post new pictures of the little guy this weekend. He is walking and talking up a storm, just keeping us on our toes!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Oldie but Goodie

I haven't loaded new pictures...because I am lazy and it takes too long, so here is an oldie but goodie. Oh, and the cute PJs...bamboo! Can you believe it? They are the softest, silkiest things. Oh how I wish I could just wear bamboo all day, everyday. Eco friendly and comfortable. Who knew? On a side note, I went to a funeral today. My moms best friend lost her husband last week after a long illness. I haven't been to a funeral since Philip's. It was harder than I expected but I held it together until right at the end. As the mass ended, my moms friend walked done the aisle next to the casket with her hand placed right on top. It was just so beautiful and so incredibly sad. It really touched my heart, her strength and incredible faith was inspiring.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Free Book!

I keep up with a couple of you can see in the list on the left. One of those blogs is Jesus Needs New PR. NavPress is giving away 200 copies of the new book What you Didn't Learn From Your Parents About Sex by Matthew Paul Turner. If you want one, go here and follow the instructions!

Matthew is a great writer, funny and sarcastic. He is a Christian and writes from a Christian point of view. I can't wait to get and read this book. I hope you get your copy before they are all gone!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vote for Cristian!

We entered Cristian in a beautiful baby contest. Please vote for him. You can vote everyday from now until next Thursday (the 30th). The prize is a scholarship, so this is big.

Click the link. Cristian's picture is on page 13, just click the 'Next' arrow at bottom until you get to page 13. Then click on Cristian's picture (top row, 2nd from the left, in the rocking chair). His picture should pop up, you can vote from this screen.

You can vote once a day, everyday, until the end. Please take a few minutes every morning and help us win Cristian a college education.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Old Stuff, New Pictures

So, I have finally got around to finishing my 'week of posts'. You know, from two weeks ago...the posts that were supposed to catch everyone up on our last month or so of action. Yeah, yeah, I'm late. So what's new? I never used to be so behind...I guess that is the mark of a mom. Cristian comes 1st and after that I just nap. Ha! This post is mainly pictures, so here we go.

We left off with Cristian's birthday party. The day after his party we went to Dad and Trish's house. Cristian took his first boat ride in his suit/life jacket combo. Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen???

After or before...I can't remember...but at some time that same day, Cristian was once again napping with Grampa.
Later that week, on Cristian's real birthday, we took him to Sea was real serious, can't you tell? Gotta love the eyebrow lift!
His first time on a ride!
Neither of my boys had ever seen Shamu, so they got to experience that one together. It was the night show (lots of loud rock music) so we were worried Cristian would cry...he is a classical music guy...but I guess the whale did his job...not one tear, he was mesmerized.
The next week we took the girls home just in time for Annabelle's big birthday bash. Cristian got in a pool for the first time...of course I had to squeeze in with him. Here we are playing catch, with a little help from Grammie.
Well, that's it for this one. I will try to get another one in later this week...but don't hold your breath!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Birthday Party

We had Cristian's 1st Birthday Party on Saturday the 13th at Carlos' mom's house. We served hot dogs and hamburgers and (of course) cake and ice cream. Cristian invited plenty of ladies to his you can see...boy does he like the ladies.
Even little Ava (aka mini Mike) came. Isn't she just adorable? All that hair to style and dream come true! I am so jealous, Monica!
The classic Costco cake...and yes, it tasted as good as it looked!
Well, at least I thought it tasted good. Cristian doesn't get a lot of sweets so he wasn't too keen on the cake. I think it may have been too sweet...probably should have given him some fruit instead.
Grandpa's are the perfect nap place after cake and presents. Unfortunately, Cristian decided not to take his morning nap, so he was out shortly after the cake. My mom put him to sleep with her magic shoulder and my dad gave him a place to snuggle.
Of course, once we got home Cristian had to watch one of his new Baby Einstein videos. Thank you Aunt Kristen! He loves those videos and so do I...30 minutes of quiet time, a dream come true!

Many, many thanks to Carlos' mom Estella for giving us a great space for the party...we had somewhere between 30 and 40 guests! Our house just isn't big enough to host such a large group. I have had several friends and family call since and say what a great time they had and what a great house Estella has. Everything really worked out well. Thank you Abuelita!

Oh, I have one complaint...but not so much about anything that was what didn't happen. I didn't get to really enjoy the party. It was so much work that I didn't have any time to sit and visit with our guests. I even had to get Kristen to take pictures when I realized 1/2 way through that I had not taken any! A 1st birthday was absolutely necessary...but...I am defineatly going to give the 2nd birthday some serious thought. By 2 we could just do cupcakes at daycare and call it a day. Food for thought (literally).

Yeah, an actual NEW post!

I know I am VERY behind here, but I have been in a funk lately and just haven't really wanted to post. I did upload pics a few weeks ago but still never posted. So I have taken some time to prep several posts for this week. I tried to start last night, but Cristian was not having it. I think he is teething because he just wasn't himself, crying and crying and super clingy. Hopefully by Friday we should be all caught up with the past month's activities.

We will start with a Hailey update. Hailey was born on Friday, June 12th. She spent 42 minutes with her parents before she went to heaven. You can read more about Hailey's story and her families continuing journey
here. I just saw Rachelle's blog today and the pictures of Hailey's little head of curly hair, so precious.

Generally speaking, this past month has been hard for me. With grief, the emotions come and go. I have found, in addition to talking with other parents who have walked our road, the loss of a child is especially unpredictable. I remember the day that my PawPaw passed and my Granny. They were the first people that I lost that were really close to my heart. I did grieve for them, but it was different. I still miss them both to this day, but I do not burst into uncontrollable sobs when I think of them, I usually just smile. My time with them was mostly spent as a child and was filled with laughter and fun. In true grandparent fashion, they were always spoiling us and doting on our every little accomplishment. With Philip, I spent his entire life from beginning to end wondering how long I would have with him…if that day was the last day. It was very stressfull trying to cherish every day and not be stressed. Have you ever noticed how much more stressed you get when you are trying NOT to stress?? I'm getting off subject. I guess the work-up to Cristian's 1st birthday was harder on me than I thought it would be. I expected party planning to be stressful, but I did not think about the loss of Philip to factor in. I was so unprepared. Oh, I've gone on longer than I meant to...anyway, it has been a hard few weeks.

Here are a few pics from our 2nd annual camping trip with the Leos family. This year we traded the camper for a cabin and Guadelupe State Park for Garner State Park. I was bad mom and didn't take very many pictures…guess I was 'on vacation'. Ha! The water was a bit too cold for the little guy, so he just hung in the stroller and played (tried to eat) with this noodle.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just a Taste

I have planned out a post for each day this week (except Monday, obviously). However, I won't complete today's post until after work. So, here is a teaser. This picture actually goes with my Friday post, but I am breakin' all the rules just for you guys! Tonight's post will also have a Hailey update. TTFN!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hailey's Hope

The T-13 community will celebrate another little lady coming into the world. Hailey Marie will be born today (or maybe tomorrow). Her mom went in for induction last it is only a matter of time before they welcome this little miracle into the world. I have been following Hailey's momma's blog for several months now. Rachelle is a devoted Christian and mom. Her and Tim have a 2-year old son and now a little girl. Facing such a difficult diagnosis, Rachelle has totally amazed me with her strength and determination. She is a force and I will be thinking about and praying for her today. This is the same prayer I posted when Elijah was born and now I will ask you to pray it again for little Hailey.

Dear Lord,
Please allow Hailey to be born without complication. Allow her to breath on her own so that her family will have time to meet her and love her. Please let her momma feel her breath on her cheek and feel the grip of her hand around her finger. Give the doctors and nurses compassion and guidance as they help this family today and every day after this. Continue to hold this family in your arms, filling their hearts with hope and love as you guide them on their journey.

PS. I know you are all still waiting on new pics of little man. I loaded them last night, but lost steam and didn't post. I hate promises...but...I promise tonight will be the night.

Monday, June 1, 2009

You Would Be Behind...

...if you spent your Saturday watching UT play the longest baseball game in NCAA history! Yep, we were there. Cristian's first UT baseball game (and mine too). We only stayed till 10:30...which was late enough for the little guy. Had it been just Carlos and I, we would have hung out until the bitter end...maybe even catching a quick snooze between innings. Those first 6 overtime innings were really exciting even though the actual hits were few and far between. It was the constant up and down of emotion as something happened good followed by something bad. And, speaking of bad...I am not one to pick on officials...but...that ump was a joke. Get some glasses ump! The strike zone does not include any space in and around ones sneakers...and if a ball bounces off of ones shoes it doesn't go flying all the way to right field. Duh. We went with the reserved seats, but next time we'll just take the general admission...there was not a bad seat in the house and the crowd was great. We had a total blast. Thanks to mom for putting us up on Saturday. After the extra innings we just didn't have the strength to drive all the way home. So...that is why there are still no camping pictures. I must research a better picture program. It takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r. ti load my new pics, which is why I procrastinate...sorry...maybe tomorrow!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


So, once again, me = bad blogger. We had a great time camping two weekends ago. I will post pics soon. It was a bit cool so swimming for the little guy was out of the question. Instead we laid around and played cards, enjoyed the quiet and slept with the windows open. We enjoyed an amazing storm with lightening and thunder and somehow we fit (all three of us) in a full size bed! This past week work has been really busy and I lost my voice last weekend. So, I have had a little scratchy throat and have been coughing enough to annoy all of my coworkers. I'm not sick, but I certainly sound like it. :-( Anyway, Cristian's birthday is coming up fast and furious. I took Cristian to buy decorations today. We are planning to have the party on Saturday, June 13th from 11am-1pm, so mark your calenders. I am sending an evite for all of you who are online regularly and I will be mailing a few invitations to a couple of folks that don't use the internet. If you are email invitation receiver and you really, really want the real, paper kind, just shoot me an email and I will send one out for you. I am doing the evite thing for several reasons (less trees are cut, easier for me, easier to RSVP, fast delivery, FREE), but I am happy to send 'real' invites to anyone who wants one. No biggie, just let me know. Otherwise, keep an eye on your inbox, the evite will be coming soon.

To gift or not to gift? Our house is filled with clothes and toys. So, I will be asking all that attend Cristian's party to forgo gifts. If they must buy the munch a little something we would welcome Baby Einstein DVDs or gift cards that we could use for diapers and food (Cristian's food, not ours...he gets special, expensive food and snacks for school). Is that totally rude to put in the evite? Not that it matters, I am including it anyway! :-0

We plan to spend some time...hopefully alot of home this weekend so pics of the camping trip to come!

Love ya'll,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

4 Days, 4 Blessings

Thursday, a birthday
Little Elijah was born on Thursday morning. His momma and daddy had one glorious hour with him before he went to be with Jesus. Vianca's prayer was mine, that they be given a chance to meet their son. Our prayer's were answered, Praise God!

Friday, a reunion of sorts
My friend Monica's birthday is well, actually, today, but we celebrated on Friday night. Carlos was working so Cristian's Aunt Alice (Mandy's sister) kept him for us. She hasn't seen him in awhile and her boys were thrilled to play with their "Peanut". Hayden told me he was going to teach Cristian how to walk! So, Mandy and I went to this club to hang out with our old friends and to remind Monica that she is the oldest of our bunch. We had such a good time that we stayed way to long and Cristian ended up having his first sleepover. Ooops! Alice and the boys were thrilled, as they weren't quite ready for him to go home anyway. Just some quick background, when I moved back to SA in 2000 I lived with Mandy and Monica. We also moved in Dolores for a few months and Michelle was with us most weekends. So, seeing Michelle and Dolores and Monica was such a blast. We laughed about all the old stories and danced to some very serious old school tunes! Oh, and Monica and I have planned a play date for Cristian and Ava (Ava was born last October). Can't wait till Wednesday, it should be fun for the babies and for us!

Saturday, an anniversary
Yep, two years ago yesterday we got married. It was a Wednesday morning. Per our tradition, we had dinner at El Chapparel (but this time we were joined by Sam and Alba and their son). The food was delicious as always but the service was not what it used to be. They changed the waiters clothes, now they wear all black and a tie. I guess the new clothes went on and the waiting skills went off. I hope they get their act together...the crowd was especially small for a Saturday...

Sunday, a celebration
Today is Mother's first one with a baby not in heaven and not in the womb. It is different. Instead of dreaming about motherhood, I was up at midnight living it with a hungry baby. Today I will spend my mother's day honoring my mom with a quick trip to IKEA!

In addition, today is Isabelle's birthday!!!! Izzy, I have a gift for you but I was hesitant to mail it. I sent your card, but will bring your gift when we see you this summer! I hope you have a great day of celebration. Your cousin Cristian and Tio Carlos send their birthday wishes too!

Oh, and one quick, official, Happy Birthday!! to Monica.

I hope you all have a wonderful mother's day.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Please Pray

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a very sweet woman named Vianca who's sweet baby boy Elijah was diagnosed with full T-13. She was 32 weeks along at the time. We emailed back and forth and talked on the phone. I tried to offer her hope for her son and advice about possible options for him before and after his birth. Since our journey with Philip I have prayed for God to give me an opportunity to share all that we learned. I just knew that I had tons of information that might help someone else following the same path. This wonderful woman gave me that chance. My prayers were answered! Vianca is so strong...she has amazed me with her planning. She and her family made tons of decisions and arrangements. They are so much more prepared than we were. Last night she called and said she had gone into labor and they were in process of transferring her to San Antonio. Her doctor is here and she really wanted to give birth here. I expected her to come in town in a few weeks as she is only 35 weeks, so getting her call took me by surprise. Please, please, if you are reading this, pray for Vianca and her family and especially for baby Elijah. I have not heard from her today, so I am hoping that she is enjoying her little guy right this very second. Loving him and introducing him to his siblings. This is my prayer today, please take a moment and pray with me.

Dear Lord,
Please allow Elijah to be born without complication. Allow him to breath on his own so that his family will have time to meet him and love him. Please let his momma feel his breath on her cheek and feel the grip of his hand around her finger. Give the doctors and nurses compassion and guidance as they help this family today and every day after this. Continue to hold this family in your arms, filling their hearts with hope and love as you guide them on their journey.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekends in Pictures

Saturday, April 24, 2009 - King William Fair
Cristian knocked out right as we were leaving and about the same time I remembered to take pictures. You can't tell, but my upper chest is red as a lobster. It was overcast and I completely forgot how easily I burned. Duh.
Sunday, April 25, 2009 - Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Our nephew Stefan was confirmed in church. Carlos was his sponser. After mass we took this family shot right before we headed to Pappasitos to celebrate with yummy fajitas and flan!

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009 - Palacios Dining Room
Cristian is starting to eat more meals with 'real' food. This morning he had cherrios, apples and yogurt for breakfast. Carlos had him laughing so I took a few shots of his teeth...for your viewing pleasure of course! Here are the bottom two teeth.
And here are the top two! He has another one on the top right, but it hasn't come out far enough for pictures yet. The one on the top left is just cutting through. Maybe in a few weeks I can capture all four in one shot!
Saturday, May 2nd, 2009 - Helotes Cornyval Parade
We got up early and went to Cristian's first parade this morning. We found a good place in the shade (thank you Lord!) and even made some new friends. Cristian enjoyed the first 30 minutes or so, but by 10:30 he was exhausted and crashed right there in my lap. I guess missing your morning nap really catches up with you. Carlos and I had favorite was defineatly the Shriners. They had at least 5 different groups of go carts that would drive real fast in circles. My description does not do it justice...anyway, they were the best. It was defineatly a small town parade, complete with the local high school band and the Helotes mayor. Oh, and we saw Carlos' friend Jessica from the resteraunt, too. She is Miss Fiesta and rode in the back of guessed it...convertible. Loved it!
Now, there were 3 pictures of me in this all my there you go, Linen 44.

Friday, April 24, 2009

One day, two posts!

Scroll down to check out
the Random Pics and Video post
the Long Overdue Easter post

Random Pics and a Video

Cristian has been quite the handful the last few weeks. He is cutting 2 more top teeth. The ones in the top middle are working ther way out (about half-way there as of today) and now the two teeth on either side are coming out. He is a laughing ball of whiny clingyness. A total enigma if you will. One minutes cracking up and the next total velcro kid, stuck to my leg and grunting. I have to abmit, he is super cute even when whining. To top it off he has become a little diehard, he refuses to go to sleep even when he is rubbing his puffy little eyes and cuddling with George the stuffed monkey. He turned 10 months old this month and per usual we took his 10-month bear chair pic. It is so amazing to me that it wasn't that long ago that we were propping him up on the chair or laying him down. Now, he just hangs out all on his own.
10-month Bear Chair

In addition we took a quick trip to Fiesta last Sunday. With our crazy schedules as of late we didn't expect to have time to do any Fiesta stuff this year, so with some unexpected time Sunday afternoon we ran downtown for a few hours. We just parked and walked around in Market Square. Cristian enjoyed the Tejano and Mariachi music and mom and dad enjoyed the food and cold beer! The little old lady that makes the gorditas was there again this year and the gorditas were delicious. Of course no outing would be complete without Carlos running into someone he knows! I have lived her for most of my life and I NEVER run into anyone I know...Carlos has lived here 3 years and we can't go anywhere without an encounter! He is just like my Papa. We had a nice time and made it back to the car right as the sun was going down (and all the crazies come out :-).
Cristian's First Fiesta
Mom came in town today for an appt., so she stopped by this afternoon for some baby love. While she took some video I downloaded pictures from her camera. Check out this little buckaroo! This was taken at a new resterant we tried a month or so ago. The food = not so good, the service = really bad, the props = priceless. Is this kid cute or what?
And finally, a video. Cristian has been pulling up for months, but only recently started moving his feet and sort of walking around things. While mom was here we tried to get him to walk behind his little car thing and it worked! Here is the proof. (please ignore the TV, I should have turned it off, it is a bit distracting...oops)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Long Overdue Easter Post

Carlos had to work Easter afternoon, so we got up early and headed to church. Mom bought Cristian his Easter outfit...a very traditional sailor suit. Carlos found it quite funny saying it was a 'white thing'. He's right, I had a sailor dress as a baby and now my baby has his own sailor suit. He looked super cute, as you can see and he loved the bells on his shoes (Thank you Aunt Carol!). We can take Cristian anywhere, and as usual he was perfect at church. He looked around for awhile then fell asleep for a quick nap.

Cristian with his Easter Baskets and Toys from Grammie, Abuelita and Mom&Dad

With Daddy before Church
With Daddy after church, visting Big Bro Philip

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pictures & Updates

So, I never got around to posting pictures last weekend. Oops! Well, here is one from Franny and Zooey's 1st birthday. Aren't they just precious? Here Zooey gives Franny her icing. Not sure what Zo was thinking...isn't the icing the best part? Sweet, sharing baby.
This weekend we had a busy one. We spent Saturday at the Highland Games here is Helotes. Cristian really liked the music; especially the Celtic Rock band. We watched the athletes and Daddy took a turn trying his hand at archery. He was really good at it! I totally forgot my camera so we don't have any pictures! Boo, hiss! On Sunday we went to the Orange&White Game on the UT campus in Austin. I called you Lisa...but you never called me back! Anyway, we had so much fun. The game is just a scrimage of the team against themselves. It gives the diehard fans (Carlos) a chance to check out the talent for next year. In addition, this year they were going to sell the field. Literally! They are getting a new field (artificial turf, I think) so they cut up the current turf into 12x12 squares and sold them for $20. I was convinced we would come home with enough squares to cover our front yard...but Carlos surprised me when he decided he didn't want any. Here is a pic of the boys after Cristian's first UT game!
And, well, I could not help but include this pic that I caught yesterday, before the game, at my mom's. This kid and his toes...sometimes he is too lazy to even remove his socks. I find him, quite literally, slobbery sock covered foot in mouth. So gross (but really cute!!!).
BTW- Cristian's top two teeth FINALLY come in. The right is a bit farther out than the left, but they are coming along. His nose is still a bit runny, but his mood has vastly improved!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Cutting Teeth

Sorry it has been a few days since my last post. We spent Saturday at Franny & Zooey's 1st birthday party followed with a visit to the Emergency Room. Don't worry, everyone is fine. Mom was quite ill and was having pain in her stomach that got worse throughout the day. By 5pm it got so bad she thought it best to have it checked out. Carlos and Cristian stayed at mom's house and I took mom to the hospital in San Marcus. The ER was really clean and looked newly built...although the hospital itself looks kind of old. The staff was great and although we were there wasn't that bad. Mom is fine and they sent her home with some pain killers to help until she can see a specialist...which will be this coming Monday. She is feeling alot better as of today, the meds have helped. This week had been busy with work and the usual day-to-day stuff. In addition Cristian is cutting his two top teeth. He has been pretty clingy all week. Which I have to admit, I don't mind! We have let him sleep with us and he has slept really good dominoing into us sleeping really good. A win win all around! I will post a few pics from the B-day party tomorrow...when I am not so tired.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Praise Him

I am so addicted to the blog world. I have not updated my list to the left there, but I actually check a whole bunch of blogs everyday. Most of them are family/baby blogs, but a few are lifestyle & christian focused blogs. One of the regulars is called Kelly's Korner. Kelly is a great mom of one cute little two month daughter. I came by her blog via another blog (is there any other way?) right after her daughter (Harper) was born. Harper spent some time in the NICU and I was praying for her via a request on the other blog. Anyway, long story, well long, I have been keeping up with Kelly and Miss Harper ever since. Lately, it seems that alot of the blogs I read have been asking for prayers for different babies, some sick, some already angels. Believe it or not I am a very emotional person and reading all of these touching stories of little ones is really hard. Needless to say the past week has been especially hard (with strep on top of it all). Back to my point...Kelly had an awesome post today about giving the big guy some praise for all the good things, big and small. You can read her post here. And why you are there do a quick scroll and check out some of Miss Harper's clothes and hair and Grammie's dream: monogramming and giant bows & flowers! In honor of her post here is my list, in no particular order, of just a few of my praises for the day.

1. Carlos my awesome husband who puts up with my moods (you know that right) and is always happy to give me a back rub and vacuum the house (bonus).
2. My two beautiful boys. Cristian, who totally cracks me up and amazes me everyday. And, Philip, my little Angel above that gave me the gift of motherhood and so much more.
3. My mom who does more for us that we sometimes deserve and is the best Grammie ever.
4. Friends, in the real world and in the internet/blog world. Both have had such an impact on my life, far greater than they even know.
5. Thunder, Lightening & Rain Storm...with which we get new growth & life.
6. Mickey D's fountain yummy yum yum. Did you know we have a Mickey D's less than 5 minutes from the house? So good.

That is all for today. Just a quick post of praise. Don't forget to say your prayers today for all those things big and small that you praise him for. Love ya'll, Stacey

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!

What say you Monkey with a Monkey on your shirt? Nothing. Ok.
Our little Monkey was a bit put out this morning. I spent last week sequestered to my room with strep throat (totally yucky and surprising quite was my 1st time) and yesterday was my first day back at the office. As of today we are still not quite back into the swing of things and I guess Cristian was annoyed with our tardiness. He just loves school. What a blessing. I hope you all had a great day filled with lots of luck and plenty of green!

Oh, and a BIG Happy Birthday to my favorite little leprechaun Lizzy Bird!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Angel

Yesterday was Philip's 2nd birthday. Mom came in early and we spent some time visiting Philip at the cemetary. Afterward we have had cake at the house then mom watched Cristian while Carlos and I spent the afternoon and evening attending two weddings. Our friends Alex & Klaus and our next door neighbors Junella & Jason were all married yesterday. Both ceremonies were beautiful and the dresses georgeous! Mat god bless them with long, happy marriages. Is was nice for Carlos and I to have an evening out...even though I did miss Cristian. Mom stayed the night and after breakfast we went back to the cemetary and released a few ballons for Philip. We also replaced his flowers with some new ones that mom got for him. Compared to last year, this year's birthday was lovely and mostly stress free. I didn't cry as much as last year. Instead of pain I felt more happiness which was a good step in the right direction. Today is Philip's angel day, he passed March 8, 2007 at 11:05am. He blessed me for 9+ months on the inside and our entire family for 32 hours and 58 minutes on the outside. Now we carry him in our memories and our hearts.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Two Years Ago Right Now...

...I was at 8 centimeters dialated and getting ready to push. Little did I know that just a few hours and four epidurals later I would be in the OR having an emergency cesarean. Yep, that is really me, between contractions and looking oh so exhausted.
Philip Cole came into the world on March 7th at 2:07 am. Funny, I don't look half as loopy as I was.
So many of our family and friends gave up sleep to stick around and wait for his arrival. Mandy stayed with us all night and while Carlos slept...and I dosed...she rocked our little miracle...that's him, under the pile of blankets.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Two Years Ago Today...

...I was picked up by Mandy who drove me to my last doctors appt. After my appt, we walked next door to the hospital and I checked in. Mandy and I laughed with the triage nurse and I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be. On a side note, the triage nurse, Andrea, was the most beautiful nurse I have ever seen. She was in her early thirties and just had such a striking look. After a few funny stories about smelly patients, Mandy asked about the age of the other moms. Andrea told us that just a few days before she had a patient so young that she was still wearing cartoon character underpants. I was so thankful that I waited to start my family. It broke my heart to think of such a young person tackling motherhood, how scary that must be. Carlos came to the hospital after work and my doctor gave me some meds to start induction. That was also the day I learned that my greatest enemy was to be the blood pressure cuff. (That darn cuff went off every hour on the hour for the next two days. I wouldn't really sleep because I was constantly anticipating the next round of cut-my-circulation-off-at-the-elbow. Oh how it hurt…even worse than the contractions…but those come later. After whining like a baby to my momma, she talked the nurse into giving me a break…but only after I had endured several sleepless nights.) This day was to be the first day of a series of best and worst days. In a little over 24 hours I would {finally} get to meet my angel Philip.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not Just Teeth

Well, Cristian was sick. I mean really sick. So sick that he infected me, Grammie, all of my Aunts and my Uncle. We took him in to see the doctor Monday and he confirmed it was a stomach bug. No other issues, so we just had to wait it out. I took Tuesday off to care for the little guy, but by Wednesday I had it too. So Wednesday was a sick day for me. Carlos and I split today as Cristian was still not quite ready for school. He is doing so much better today, I am pretty sure he will go to school tomorrow. I have included pics of our weekend below. Despite the "bug" we had a good time, I think even Cristian had fun!
This is my favorite picture from the whole weekend. I love that the background is blurry, but Cristian is clear. I don't know who took it, but I wish I could take the credit!
Does this look like a sick kid to you? That smile was why it was so hard to not go to Mardi Gras. Instead we stayed at my Aunt's house and visited with family.
Cristian snoozing in the car
Izzy rockin' the mike
Belle concentrating on Guitar Hero
Cristian with Aunt Colleen & Uncle you can see, Cristian was completely mesmerized by the Cajun band...we even found him singing along! He may look like Carlos, but he is a little Cajun afteall!
Newly Engaged, Reina & Bubba!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week in Pictures

Here are some new shots we took over the past two weeks. I have more from our weekend trip to East Texas, but I will load those tomorrow! Cristian is still crawling everywhere, but has started pulling up! He had his 1st Major Diaper Blow-out on Friday, five minutes before we left on our trip! I was alone and it was a mess, but I made it through only to have Carlos show up minutes after I was done cleaning everything up. How does he get such good luck? Cristian finished his antibiotics last week for his first ear infection, but was still pretty sick over this weekend. He made the drive over like a champ, but woke up Sat. in a mood. He refused to eat most of the day Sat. and continued to have "blow-outs" the entire weekend (including a huge one a half hour outside of Houston earlier today). Just like a good redneck, I cleaned him up in a Jack in the Box parking lot. ;-) The family concensus: teething. I am still not sold, as I think it might be a stomach thing. He ate today, but is still having stomach issues. We will see how tomorrow goes. I have tomorrow off, but he will go to school for a few hours in the morning so I can unpack and wash clothes. If they report more of the same it is off to the doctor we go. I don't want to risk him dehydrating. I'll give more info about the trip and some pics tomorrow!

I stood up all by myself!
Why sit in it when you can climb through it?
Whatcha eatin'? Homemade chocolate ice cream? Heck yeah!
Baby's 1st Mohawk, thanks Aunt Mandy!
Cristian in baby jail
the newest Moxley, sleeping beauty, Miss Ryleigh
Kelli & Braden Moxley
three sleepy little monkeys