Monday, July 13, 2009

Old Stuff, New Pictures

So, I have finally got around to finishing my 'week of posts'. You know, from two weeks ago...the posts that were supposed to catch everyone up on our last month or so of action. Yeah, yeah, I'm late. So what's new? I never used to be so behind...I guess that is the mark of a mom. Cristian comes 1st and after that I just nap. Ha! This post is mainly pictures, so here we go.

We left off with Cristian's birthday party. The day after his party we went to Dad and Trish's house. Cristian took his first boat ride in his suit/life jacket combo. Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen???

After or before...I can't remember...but at some time that same day, Cristian was once again napping with Grampa.
Later that week, on Cristian's real birthday, we took him to Sea was real serious, can't you tell? Gotta love the eyebrow lift!
His first time on a ride!
Neither of my boys had ever seen Shamu, so they got to experience that one together. It was the night show (lots of loud rock music) so we were worried Cristian would cry...he is a classical music guy...but I guess the whale did his job...not one tear, he was mesmerized.
The next week we took the girls home just in time for Annabelle's big birthday bash. Cristian got in a pool for the first time...of course I had to squeeze in with him. Here we are playing catch, with a little help from Grammie.
Well, that's it for this one. I will try to get another one in later this week...but don't hold your breath!

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The Clark Family said...

He is just so darn cute! I do love the brow lift!