Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Birthday Party

We had Cristian's 1st Birthday Party on Saturday the 13th at Carlos' mom's house. We served hot dogs and hamburgers and (of course) cake and ice cream. Cristian invited plenty of ladies to his you can see...boy does he like the ladies.
Even little Ava (aka mini Mike) came. Isn't she just adorable? All that hair to style and dream come true! I am so jealous, Monica!
The classic Costco cake...and yes, it tasted as good as it looked!
Well, at least I thought it tasted good. Cristian doesn't get a lot of sweets so he wasn't too keen on the cake. I think it may have been too sweet...probably should have given him some fruit instead.
Grandpa's are the perfect nap place after cake and presents. Unfortunately, Cristian decided not to take his morning nap, so he was out shortly after the cake. My mom put him to sleep with her magic shoulder and my dad gave him a place to snuggle.
Of course, once we got home Cristian had to watch one of his new Baby Einstein videos. Thank you Aunt Kristen! He loves those videos and so do I...30 minutes of quiet time, a dream come true!

Many, many thanks to Carlos' mom Estella for giving us a great space for the party...we had somewhere between 30 and 40 guests! Our house just isn't big enough to host such a large group. I have had several friends and family call since and say what a great time they had and what a great house Estella has. Everything really worked out well. Thank you Abuelita!

Oh, I have one complaint...but not so much about anything that was what didn't happen. I didn't get to really enjoy the party. It was so much work that I didn't have any time to sit and visit with our guests. I even had to get Kristen to take pictures when I realized 1/2 way through that I had not taken any! A 1st birthday was absolutely necessary...but...I am defineatly going to give the 2nd birthday some serious thought. By 2 we could just do cupcakes at daycare and call it a day. Food for thought (literally).

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The Clark Family said...

Your little man is adorable, and so was the cake! Yum! You two have so much to be proud of!