Monday, September 21, 2009

Oldie but Goodie

I haven't loaded new pictures...because I am lazy and it takes too long, so here is an oldie but goodie. Oh, and the cute PJs...bamboo! Can you believe it? They are the softest, silkiest things. Oh how I wish I could just wear bamboo all day, everyday. Eco friendly and comfortable. Who knew? On a side note, I went to a funeral today. My moms best friend lost her husband last week after a long illness. I haven't been to a funeral since Philip's. It was harder than I expected but I held it together until right at the end. As the mass ended, my moms friend walked done the aisle next to the casket with her hand placed right on top. It was just so beautiful and so incredibly sad. It really touched my heart, her strength and incredible faith was inspiring.