Thursday, March 5, 2009

Two Years Ago Today...

...I was picked up by Mandy who drove me to my last doctors appt. After my appt, we walked next door to the hospital and I checked in. Mandy and I laughed with the triage nurse and I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be. On a side note, the triage nurse, Andrea, was the most beautiful nurse I have ever seen. She was in her early thirties and just had such a striking look. After a few funny stories about smelly patients, Mandy asked about the age of the other moms. Andrea told us that just a few days before she had a patient so young that she was still wearing cartoon character underpants. I was so thankful that I waited to start my family. It broke my heart to think of such a young person tackling motherhood, how scary that must be. Carlos came to the hospital after work and my doctor gave me some meds to start induction. That was also the day I learned that my greatest enemy was to be the blood pressure cuff. (That darn cuff went off every hour on the hour for the next two days. I wouldn't really sleep because I was constantly anticipating the next round of cut-my-circulation-off-at-the-elbow. Oh how it hurt…even worse than the contractions…but those come later. After whining like a baby to my momma, she talked the nurse into giving me a break…but only after I had endured several sleepless nights.) This day was to be the first day of a series of best and worst days. In a little over 24 hours I would {finally} get to meet my angel Philip.

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