Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week in Pictures

Here are some new shots we took over the past two weeks. I have more from our weekend trip to East Texas, but I will load those tomorrow! Cristian is still crawling everywhere, but has started pulling up! He had his 1st Major Diaper Blow-out on Friday, five minutes before we left on our trip! I was alone and it was a mess, but I made it through only to have Carlos show up minutes after I was done cleaning everything up. How does he get such good luck? Cristian finished his antibiotics last week for his first ear infection, but was still pretty sick over this weekend. He made the drive over like a champ, but woke up Sat. in a mood. He refused to eat most of the day Sat. and continued to have "blow-outs" the entire weekend (including a huge one a half hour outside of Houston earlier today). Just like a good redneck, I cleaned him up in a Jack in the Box parking lot. ;-) The family concensus: teething. I am still not sold, as I think it might be a stomach thing. He ate today, but is still having stomach issues. We will see how tomorrow goes. I have tomorrow off, but he will go to school for a few hours in the morning so I can unpack and wash clothes. If they report more of the same it is off to the doctor we go. I don't want to risk him dehydrating. I'll give more info about the trip and some pics tomorrow!

I stood up all by myself!
Why sit in it when you can climb through it?
Whatcha eatin'? Homemade chocolate ice cream? Heck yeah!
Baby's 1st Mohawk, thanks Aunt Mandy!
Cristian in baby jail
the newest Moxley, sleeping beauty, Miss Ryleigh
Kelli & Braden Moxley
three sleepy little monkeys

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Li Li said...

Ha ha-- I love the monkey picture! Cristian looks so comfy! :)
I am glad that everyone is feeling better and hopefully we'll see you guys soon!

Kisses to the munchkin from me! :)