Friday, February 13, 2009

Ups & Downs

I took a ½ day on Tuesday so I could take little man to the doctor and get our taxes done.

Cristian had a little cough that started last week and as it lasted longer that 4 days, we needed to have him checked out. It was a good thing we did because he has his first ear infection (and hopefully his last). It is only in the right ear and we caught it early on. He started on antibiotics Wednesday and I think he is getting better. He is very clingy (not a good sign) but the cough has disappeared (a very good sign).

After the doctor little man went back to school for a few hours while Carlos and I want to see the tax lady. I will spare you the details. In the end we have to PAY. I have never had to pay…ever. I was shocked. How did we? Why didn’t we? To summarize, Carlos’ 2nd job pushed us into a higher tax bracket and I did not calculate our deductions correctly. I hate being wrong, but I hate more when my wrong costs money. I was so angry (at myself mostly). Anyway, we definitely learned from the situation and immediately made a few changes to our current deductions.

So after all that I woke up Thursday to find my throat a little scratchy. I do NOT get sick, ever. But, when I do my first sign is the throat. The minute my throat hurts I know it is only going to get worse. I bought some meds at the pharmacy and started sucking on cough drops. After the boys left the house this morning I took a (uninterrupted) one hour nap. It made me feel so much better. I had to come into work, so I am toughing it out until 4.

Shortly after I got here this morning I got a call from my good friend Kelli. She is a busy mom of two so we don’t see each other often. She had some time today so we were able to catch lunch. Her son, Braden, is a few weeks younger that Philip and her daughter, Ryleigh, was born a little over a month ago. We went to this great burger place that has a jungle gym. Braden had fun with the other kids while Kelli and I talked. Little Ryleigh is super cute and made me want to have a girl of my own (almost). Kelli lives near my office so we usually catch-up over lunch. Unfortunately, that means she has only seen Cristian once and it was many months ago. I am hoping we can get together soon, over a weekend, so the kids can meet again and play.

My mom is coming tonight to help me with the munchkin. I need to get some sleep so I can feel better instead of worse. Carlos will be working all day tomorrow (because of Valentines), so I am very glad my mom is coming. I have some new pics of Cristian that I will post later!

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Kelli said...

Yay!!! I made the blog! :)I talked to Michael about having a BBQ. We should try for next weekend!