Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Long Overdue Easter Post

Carlos had to work Easter afternoon, so we got up early and headed to church. Mom bought Cristian his Easter outfit...a very traditional sailor suit. Carlos found it quite funny saying it was a 'white thing'. He's right, I had a sailor dress as a baby and now my baby has his own sailor suit. He looked super cute, as you can see and he loved the bells on his shoes (Thank you Aunt Carol!). We can take Cristian anywhere, and as usual he was perfect at church. He looked around for awhile then fell asleep for a quick nap.

Cristian with his Easter Baskets and Toys from Grammie, Abuelita and Mom&Dad

With Daddy before Church
With Daddy after church, visting Big Bro Philip


linen44 said...

lovin' the smiles on both their faces...where's mom??

cute cute cute

Lani said...

That's the cutest Easter outfit!