Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Angel

Yesterday was Philip's 2nd birthday. Mom came in early and we spent some time visiting Philip at the cemetary. Afterward we have had cake at the house then mom watched Cristian while Carlos and I spent the afternoon and evening attending two weddings. Our friends Alex & Klaus and our next door neighbors Junella & Jason were all married yesterday. Both ceremonies were beautiful and the dresses georgeous! Mat god bless them with long, happy marriages. Is was nice for Carlos and I to have an evening out...even though I did miss Cristian. Mom stayed the night and after breakfast we went back to the cemetary and released a few ballons for Philip. We also replaced his flowers with some new ones that mom got for him. Compared to last year, this year's birthday was lovely and mostly stress free. I didn't cry as much as last year. Instead of pain I felt more happiness which was a good step in the right direction. Today is Philip's angel day, he passed March 8, 2007 at 11:05am. He blessed me for 9+ months on the inside and our entire family for 32 hours and 58 minutes on the outside. Now we carry him in our memories and our hearts.


Li Li said...

Happy Belated Birthday Philip! We are always thinking of you! :)
Love, your aunt Lisa

Christy said...

Happy B-Day. And tears are streaming down my cheeks right now just thinking about that little guy!!

Jan said...

Oh, happy birthday sweet boy! (Sorry I haven't checked your blog in a while and totally missed this big event.) I remember when you were pregnant with Philip...being so excited for you to be a mom because I just KNEW you would be great. And I was soooo right. You are a beautiful mom to Philip as well as to Cristian.