Thursday, May 28, 2009


So, once again, me = bad blogger. We had a great time camping two weekends ago. I will post pics soon. It was a bit cool so swimming for the little guy was out of the question. Instead we laid around and played cards, enjoyed the quiet and slept with the windows open. We enjoyed an amazing storm with lightening and thunder and somehow we fit (all three of us) in a full size bed! This past week work has been really busy and I lost my voice last weekend. So, I have had a little scratchy throat and have been coughing enough to annoy all of my coworkers. I'm not sick, but I certainly sound like it. :-( Anyway, Cristian's birthday is coming up fast and furious. I took Cristian to buy decorations today. We are planning to have the party on Saturday, June 13th from 11am-1pm, so mark your calenders. I am sending an evite for all of you who are online regularly and I will be mailing a few invitations to a couple of folks that don't use the internet. If you are email invitation receiver and you really, really want the real, paper kind, just shoot me an email and I will send one out for you. I am doing the evite thing for several reasons (less trees are cut, easier for me, easier to RSVP, fast delivery, FREE), but I am happy to send 'real' invites to anyone who wants one. No biggie, just let me know. Otherwise, keep an eye on your inbox, the evite will be coming soon.

To gift or not to gift? Our house is filled with clothes and toys. So, I will be asking all that attend Cristian's party to forgo gifts. If they must buy the munch a little something we would welcome Baby Einstein DVDs or gift cards that we could use for diapers and food (Cristian's food, not ours...he gets special, expensive food and snacks for school). Is that totally rude to put in the evite? Not that it matters, I am including it anyway! :-0

We plan to spend some time...hopefully alot of home this weekend so pics of the camping trip to come!

Love ya'll,

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