Friday, October 3, 2008



Now that Cristian is here, Carlos and I finally "get" it...the big picture...the love of your children. Now that we get it, it makes it even more confusing when we hear of people hurting their children. I don't mean abusing them, obviously with or without children you would be appalled by abuse. I am talking about just the average, everyday, ignoring of kids. Even before I had kids I didn't understand it and now I find it even more unforgiveable. I look at Cristian and I can not imagine not seeing him everyday and hearing all his tales as he grows. I can not imagine missing a sporting event or recital or concert that he is performing in. I can not imagine leaving him with his grandparents for weeks at a time (maybe one week...when he is much, much older...yeah, I'm pretty attached right now! Sorry Mom!). Kids need attention...lots of attention. And, you WILL have to give up many of your selfish needs for them. A roof and food is not parenting, that is caregiving and that is not enough for raising children. You will also be expected to not be their "friend" but be their "PARENT". Children can make their own friends, what they need from Mom AND Dad is parenting.

Need I remind you pregnancy is completely PREVENTABLE. If you don't want the responsibility of children then don't have any. If you do not want to be a parent you don't have to be. Instead of abortions, lets hand out contraceptives so we never have to cross that bridge. This is not rocket science people. We all know how babies are made. Duh.

Sorry for the rant, that is so one of my hot buttons, and it has been coming up in conversations alot this week (Have you heard about the guy who left 9 kids ages 1 to 17 at a Hospital in Nebraska?) I had to get that off my chest. Thanks for "listening".

Please appreciate your little miracles, you will never get a second chance to raise them and enjoy all the stages they go through.

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Christy said...

Amen sista! And Cristian is getting cuter everytime I see him!! Those big brown eyes!!