Saturday, July 24, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

We have been so busy this summer. My nieces were here for two weeks visiting mom at Grammie Camp. Cristian and I spent several days with them swimming and playing. We put our house on the market and now spend our evenings packing boxes and keeping the house clean. Such a pain! Ha! But, I can't wait to move. It will be a nice change of scenery. We spent last weekend swimming at Kristen's pool. It was so awesome, the weather was great and we swam for several hours. Work has been super busy, lots of deadlines. Cristian is getting big. He has started potty training at school and we are working on it at home, too. Still in diapers for now...but we are hoping that by Christmas we will be in big boy least during the day. He says some of the funniest things like Nope, Yep, and Stacey! Yes, he calls me Stacey all the time. It cracks me up and then he corrects himself and says Mommy. Carlos uses my first name most of the time so I guess he picked it up. His teacher, Mrs. Connie, is his favorite person besides Grammie. Carlos and I have been enjoying our favorite summer shows...Whale Wars and Big Brother...and having fun packing. Ha! Our AC started gushing H2O the other night. We had the HVAC guys over and they "fixed" it until 30 minutes after they left and water was gushing again. So, we spent the night with no AC. That was fun especially at 2am when Cristian woke up and screamed for an hour. The next morning the company sent a new technician who was wonderful. He fixed our very minor AC issue and got us back on track. Dodge a bullet on that one.

All and all things are moving along. The heat is horrible, but not too bad if you stay inside with a cold beverage!

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