Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This is the back view. Can you see the stacking? I was having a good hair day that particular morning, so I was excited to take these pictures.
Please ignore the red, haven't put on any foundation face. It was early and I had Carlos take pictures of my new hair cut before he left for work. It is a bit longer now, and a little easier to do (since I am an amature when it comes to "doing" my hair...I've always been a ponytail girl).

Yes, those are real nails. I hope you can see them. I am going to have a real manicure sometime this first one ever!

Mom's new house! White stone, of course, because that is her favorite. Now Little Miss Cadillac will have an indoor home...finally!


Christy said...

Yeah for the healthy little pumpkin! I am so excited things are going well!

Li Li said...

Love the haircut! Still can't believe the nails! :)
And your mom's house is awesome!! It is so cute!

Lani said...

The haircut is great! It's funny that so many of us ended up with the same thing.