Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Two in One Week

Wouldn’t you know it? I had to reschedule my sonogram. Trust me; I am way more disappointed than you. Apparently my new company did not upload my information to my new insurance carrier last Friday (like they promised they would); they are uploading it today. Therefore, my doctor will not be able to verify my insurance until Friday (maybe). In addition, I am booked solid next week, so I had to reschedule for the following week. AAGGGHHH!!! I got spoiled with Philip, we knew he was a boy at 16 weeks and were able to have a sonogram every 3 weeks at the specialist. With this baby, my patience is really being tested. I guess I should be thankful. God obviously doesn’t see the need for me to have my sonogram tomorrow; otherwise the stars would have aligned. Ha Ha Ha!!! In the end, I will get to sleep in a bit on Monday, Feb. 18th before going in for my 9:10am sonogram.

BTW- Those of you that know about my life-long battle with nail biting will be happy to know that this pregnancy has lifted the obsession and I am now (for the first time in my life) sporting a whole set (count ‘em 10) fingers with long nails! However, if this whole waiting thing keeps going like it’s going I might just bite ‘em all off! JK! Anyway, I am thankful for this gift that my 2nd child has given me. It is such a nice change from my old chewed-up “nubs”.

Wow, I can’t believe I have actually posted twice in one week. I do believe that is a personal record! Lisa, I will try to get around to posting those pictures this weekend…even if I have to call in my 13 year old nephew to walk an old lady through it...I promise.


Li Li said...

Aww...shucks! I mean, don't go out of your way to post them....but yes...I want to see.
And you are right. Perhaps these appointments are being put off b/c there is no need to worry...that everything is going okay! :)

And, I don't believe you on the nails. I will need pics of that too.

Lani said...

I hope time flies between now and the sono! Can't wait to hear about your healthy little one. I'd also love to see pictures; it's nice to have a face to put to your kind words on my blog and your posts!