Monday, February 4, 2008

Long Time No Write

Well, well, it has been almost 4 weeks since my last post. I really need to get on the ball seeing as now I have tons of stuff to share. First, my company has been in transition to be sold for the past 6+ months. We have all been waiting around (quite impatiently) for the sale to close and the new owners to come in. Finally, as of last Thursday, we are officially owned by one of our former competitors! I was excited to sign-up for my new benefits, which are far better than my old, last Friday. Now I have to wait until they are uploaded so I can call my doctor and change my information. I am scheduled to have my level 2 sonogram at the specialist on Thursday, so cross your fingers that my insurance gets uploaded before then. Otherwise, I will have to pay $900 (to be reimbursed later) or reschedule. Neither of which I want to do.

That leads me directly into baby news. The baby is moving more frequently and hurting mommy in some instances…but that’s ok, I can handle it. I really hope that we can keep our appointment on Thursday; I would like to know the baby’s sex and know that everything looks healthy and is developing correctly. Carlos finally admitted that he feels that the baby is a girl. I knew he thought so too, but was not eager to own it.

My mom bought us tickets to the rodeo for this past weekend and we had a blast. Carlos has never been to the SA rodeo, so it was a first for him. We got there early and enjoyed the famous VanDeWalle fajitas before going into the AT&T Center to watch the show. After 2 hours of bull riding & mutton bustin’ (among other things) we got to see Alan Jackson perform. Alan is my mom’s all-time favorite singer. Carlos and I enjoyed the show…but not as much as my mom! All-in-all we had a really good time and we defiantly plan to get tickets next year.

Speaking of my mom, we got her all moved into her new house last week. Carlos and I bought a new fridge (which we love) so we were able to return mom’s to her. It matches her new appliances and is just the right size (a little small for us). It might take her some months to unpack all those boxes, but she is so happy in her new place I don’t think she even cares.

Oh, for those of you who watch football…GO GIANTS! We decided that since our Cowboys flaked out in the post-season we would root for the underdog and wow did they come through! I still can’t believe that the Patriots didn’t even seem to try to win. Did Tom Brady think that showing up was all he needed to do? I mean, sure he’s good lookin’, but you actually have to score points to win…your looks just aren’t going to cut it alone. Just goes to show…cheaters never win. I guess they will have to try again next year before they can call themselves a Dynasty. Wah Wah Wah...

OK, OK, again with the pictures, I have taken pictures of my mom’s new house and my haircut and my belly bump and the nursery, now all I have to do is get them from my camera to my computer. I am hoping if I take baby steps (ha ha) I will finally accomplish my goal of posting pictures…one day ladies (and gentlemen???)…one day. If worse comes to worse I will just wait until Lisa comes to town in February and bribe her and Joe (Mexican food anyone?) to teach an old dog a new trick...they are way more computer savy than I am.

So, I will go now. I promise to post after my sonogram (if it happens) on Thursday and let you know what we are expecting and if the baby is looking on track and healthy. I might even post pictures over next weekend if I get around to it (don’t hold your breath).


Lani said...

Sounds like lots of good news! I hope everything works out with the insurance so that you get to keep your appointment. Don't they know they can't keep a pregnant lady waiting?! God bless!

Li Li said...

Dang! I always said you were a tease...I was like, then you were like...don't have them loaded yet. Foiled again! Well, aside from that I will have all my fingers and toes crossed for you that you get to keep your appointment and that everything looks good! Lots of love from me and Joe!

PS-- tell your mom Congrats and I can't wait to see the new house!

PPS-- so jealous that you went to the rodeo. It has been AGES since I went to the SA rodeo...and those VandeWalle fajitas...MMMMMM. HELLO DELICIOUS!