Monday, March 24, 2008

Camping, RV Style

Carlos and I spent the weekend camping at Guadalupe State Park. It is 30 minutes from our house on 281 and 46. We had such a good time with our friends. Except for the fact that it was way more work than I expected (ccoking a meal was a whole production), it was alot of fun. We stayed in an RV, so we really didn't "ruff it". We spent all day Saturday sitting by the river, watching the kids play, and cookin' burgers. Saturday afternoon, we sat under the shade and played dominoes. It was very relaxing. Who would have thought you could be 6 1/2 months pregnant and still enjoy camping? Not me...but I do now! We are already planning another trip...after the baby comes in the fall.

Oh, I had my last dr's appt. last Friday and I gained 7 pounds! Ooops! Dr. Sutton didn't seem to be bothered by it, but I was. I mean, I am all about a fat baby with big ol' cheeks, but I will have to loose that 7 pounds at some point. That is the part I am regretting. At least I don't have to push Cristian out, Dr. Sutton will get to wrestle him out, just like he did with Philip! My next appt is in 2 weeks. I can not believe I am already on the 2 week appts! Anyway, so I will have my glucose test and another sonogram. I can't wait to see how big my Cristian is. I hope we get another face shot, he is such a cutie. I never did get around to posting those last sono pics, but I will make sure to post the next ones.


Li Li said...

Awesome! Who's RV did you use? We need to go camping together with the kids for sure! :)

And yes, please post sono pics!!!

Lani said...

Promises, promises...
Let's see some pics!! :)

Jan said...

I want to go camping there! I plan on taking my nephew and niece...9 and 11. Should be fun.

You are soooo close! Can't wait to mee Cristian.