Saturday, March 15, 2008

Marker Update

We met with Pete at the cemetary last Sunday and struck a deal. In addition to creating a new marker for Philip's crypt, they will also give us the ruined one. And...they will accomplish creating and installing in one week. Well, today was the day. We spent most of the day hanging out with Carlos' mom, but we made it to the cemetary around 5-ish. Yes, they did complete the new marker and they had it installed by the time we arrived. They have yet to add the flower cup, but Pete said the marble cutter would be there Monday to complete that task. The marker looks fantastic. It is different from the original because they did not have any more white marble in stock. So, the created a large black marker instead of the small black on the white background. All the other markers around Philip are white, so he gets to be different and stand out. We were cool with that. They have also offered to cut down the white marble on the first marker, so it looks better for us to take home. That should also be completed by Monday. All is well that ends well. I will post a picture soon. We forgot to bring the step stool and the crypt is rather high, so pictures from so far down tend not to come out very well.


Jan said...

Oh Stacey, how cool is that? You get to have one for your home...a loving gift from God. As is often the way, you had to struggle through disappointment of losing what you had in mind to get to the good stuff God had in mind!

Thanks for sharing the events of your one-year anniversay. It is an encouragement!

Lani said...

What a crazy ordeal. Who would have thought people who are in the business could have such a hard time accomplishing their job!

Glad that everything worked out. I hope that his marker is a fitting reminder of your precious son.