Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Short Weekend, Long Week

Like all weekends, this past one was short. I spent Saturday working on the Nursery and organizing closets. I am preparing to have a garage sale in the next few weeks, so I have been cleaning out and filling the garage with all kinds of unneeded stuff we have been holding on to. Carlos was helping his mom's boyfriend all day, so I was alone, but I accomplished so much. I had lost a well fought battle last Friday with a migraine that would not quit, so I was happy to wake up Saturday feeling good and motivated. On Sunday we went to register and ended up meeting my mom and having lunch as well. Shortly after, the migraine returned and Carlos had to take me home. I spent the afternoon moaning and groaning with a cold compress on my head trying to sleep. Thank goodness it finally supsided by early evening and we were able to enjoy dinner and some TV before bed. In the end, we did get registered at Babies R Us and Target, and I was able to finish prepping the Nursery. I suppose that was a success considering I only felt good on one day.

So far this week has dragged on...I woke up this morning thinking "It's ONLY Wednesday! Arggghh!" I guess I am a bit stressed because Friday will be Philip's 1st birthday. I went by the cemetary last Staurday to sign off on the design of his plaque. They assured me that it would be completed and installed this Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. Carlos and I ordered a little cake Monday night, which we will pick up on Thursday. We both have to work on Friday, but we plan to leave early so we can spend the afternoon with Philip. I know it is only the anticipation that is stressing me out, as the actual day will be wonderful despite the circumstance, but it is still hard. One year ago today, Mandy took me to my doctor and then to the hospital where I was admitted and induced. It is going to be a hard couple of days thinking back to what I was doing one year ago. Each day between now and the 10th are saturated with memories...good and bad. I suppose I could have taken vacation days, but I think maybe that would have been the 6 weeks of maternity leave that I spent alone at home. Those were the hardest weeks, made worse because I had no distractions but daytime TV. In the end, I know everything will be fine. We will enjoy Philip's birthday because we will reminince about the wonderful gifts he gave us and the impact he made on our lives...especially the gift of Christian.

On a more uplifting note, we are planning to see the movie 10,000B.C. this weekend. The previews look great, so I can't wait. Carlos has an old friend named Sam who is married to a woman name Alba. They are a really great couple and we all get along quite well. Anyway, we have gone out to eat and to the movies with them a few times, so they will be meeting us to see this one as well. It is kind of funny, Alba speaks very little English and I speak no Spanish, but somehow we manage to understand each other. She is such a nice person, it has been a blessing for us to have found another couple that we get along with so well. Many of our friends are in different stages of their lives and different ages (and different towns). Sam and Alba are very much like us, similar in age, and in the same family expanding stage (and they live down the street). Anyway, it is nice to be able to hang out with such similar characters as ourselves! I will let ya'll know how the movie is and if it is worth the time!

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