Thursday, July 3, 2008

2 weeks old!

Mom and I took Cristian to his 2 week doctors appt. yesterday. He gained 12 ounces in the past week! He is up to 8 pounds 7 ounces. He has gained over 2 inches in two weeks! He is now 21 1/4 inches long. I can not believe he is getting so big...I can actually see the difference. He has started adding on his 2nd chin, which I love. And, his thighs are starting to get chubby! He is still eating well and behaving most of the time. The last few days he has started eating so much, that I have to stop nursing after awhile because I am sore and we have been supplementing with formula. That is fine except that the formula gives him gas (which he doesn't get with breastmilk) and it takes some time after a feeding for him to get it out and settle down. I am starting to pump after feedings in hopes to supplement with breastmilk instead of formula. I don't like to see him frustrated and gassy, I also don't like the sound of him excersizing his lungs during the frustration. :-0
All in all I am doing good...very tired...very tired...very tired...but good. Carlos has been enjoying working at Pappasitos. He finished their training program tonight, so he will start working tables tomorrow. To start on a holiday weekend is going to be good. He will stay busy and (hopefully) bring in some big tips! This baby stuff is expensive...and we're breastfeeding! I can only imagine our weekly bill if we were formula feeding!

Look how big I am!

I squish my face when I wake up!

Check out my big feet...just like my big brother!


Jan said...

He is PERFECT and precious. Yummmy.

Lani said...

BEE-UTIFUL boy! What a cutie pie!!