Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Swing, Growing Pains

We bought a swing for Cristian and so far it is a hit...sort of. He pretty much puts up with it for about 20 minutes before putting out his bottom lip and crying. I thought it might be a way for me to get some things done around the house since he pretty much refuses to be put down...even in sleep. But...unless he changes his mind and sticks in for longer than 20 minutes, we are at his mercy. You can tell by the picture he was really not amused.

In addition to giving me some time to say, pee, we also thought the swing might give Cristian something soothing. We are pretty sure he is experiencing some growing pains. He is also having some issues transitioning from breast feeding to bottle feeding. So, we thought the swing might sooth him and take his mind off his hard life as a 3 week old. So, now that we have discovered that isn't going to work, does anyone have any suggestions? We haven't been swaddling him because he really likes to stretch, but Carlos' co-worker suggested that we try that. It is supposed to give him some sense of comfort, maybe help him to relax. We will defineatly try that, but are open to other suggestions. I think that he will relax once we have more of a feeding schedule set. Up until now we have been feeding on demand, but with pumping and bottle feeding, I would like for Cristian to eat on more of a schedule (if possible).

Anyway, we have been spending this week adjusting and just making it through the days. Cristian does sleep and eat rather well at night, so I will never complain about is just the hours when we are alone together that he likes to put me through the ringer. Could I already be paying for my raising? Surely not this early?


Kelli said...

Mylicon and swaddling...that's all I have to say :)

Christy said...

For sure swaddling. Cale always got out of it so we bought the Miracle Blanket and it is really a miracle. They can't get out of it and it makes him sleep longer. He loves it and has bad nights of sleep when we don't use it. You can find it online.

Christy said...

P.S. he is sooo cute. can't wait for you to come up to Dallas!

Jan said...

Just checkin in, mamma. I miss you, but am so happy you are home with the boy. He is ADORABLE.