Saturday, August 9, 2008

And the Countdown Begins

Yes, yes, it has finally one week I will be back at work. Oh what a sad day that will be. I can't even comprehend how I will survive. 8 weeks sure does have a way of speeding by when you are caring for a newborn. I really thought it would feel longer. I suppose it is fitting that my first day back will be "hump day". Maybe the irony will help me "get over the hump" so to speak. We will see. Luckily Cristian will be staying with a friend of ours, so at least he will be safe and spoiled (she will not be caring for any other children, just Cristian). Please pray for us as we begin this new chapter...or you could just pray that we win the lottery in the next week, so I can just stay home (and yes, we have been buying tickets). Ok, that's not fair, praying for us to win the lottery. Just pray that you will win and you can give us some! Kidding...sort of. I have been totally procrastinating about this whole thing. Way back when Cristian was 1 week old I started having anxiety attacks about the day I would have to leave instead of continuing down that path, I just took up procrastination. I stopped thinking about it and tried my best to "put it in God's hands". Now, less than 1 week away and I am feeling better than anticipated. No anxiety attacks...yet. Although, I am still holding on to the whole lottery idea. Someone's gotta win, why not us?

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Jan said...

Hey sweetie. For me, this is a bitter-sweet time. I'll be so happy to have you back at work, but sad that you will be missing your boy. I will be praying for you heart...which is probably breaking about now.

Sending you tons of love!