Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weekend at Mommies

Lisa & family moved to Austin this weekend so Mom and I kept the girls all weekend!! Sure, their parents were there in the evening and Grandma came by on Sunday, but otherwise we each got a girl at all times. It was so much fun! Cristian hasn't really started interacting yet, he spends most of his time sleeping. The girls however are really cute. They laugh and smile when you talk to them and they even coo. They are precious. Here is a picture of Grammie with all the babies.

And, of course, Cristian fulfilled every man's fantasy when he got to sleep with twins! Hehehe!!

So, with all the move talk, Carlos and I are talking about moving. I want to be closer to my Mom and Carlos would love to move back to Austin. Strangely, Mom's house is the same time difference from my office as our house...and she lives in a completely different city! Oh, here is another one of my faves.
......Hear No Evil.....Speak No Evil......See No Evil

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