Thursday, September 18, 2008

3 months old...

Look how cute I am in my 3-month pictures!

Not to sure about this whole sitting up thing.

I really prefer my back better, especially when I watch TV.

I was trying to tell mom I was so over the photoshoot, but she just kept snapping!

We took Cristian to Pappasitos for his 3 month birthday dinner last night. He didn't get to have any of the delicious food or margaritas, but he enjoyed sitting outside on the patio and watching the waterfall while mommy and daddy cleaned their plates. We even threw pennies into the fountain with wishes for both Cristian and Philip. It was fun. We haven't really had a whole lot of family time outside the house since Cristian was born, so this was such a treat. Carlos has taken to saying that everyday is Christmas at our house. Cristian is our daily gift that keeps on giving. We are amazed everyday as he takes in the world around him and continues to change and grow. We are so in awe of him.

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Li Li said...

What a big boy!!! He is so freaking cute! Let's get together soon so I can squeeze him! :)