Sunday, September 14, 2008


The past couple of weeks has been pretty busy. Work is starting to pick up, the fall is our busy season. Sorry for the lack of a post in awhile.

Cristian had a cold last week. We took him to the doc on Tues just to make sure it wasn't an infection. Luckily, just a cold. He has gained another pound and another inch! 14 1/2 pounds and 25 inches long. This kid is so tall...must get that from Daddy! Our doc is so great, everytime we go he teaches us something new. This time we learned to put vaseline on the end of the rubber sucker thingy before putting it in Cristian's nose. Apparently, the rubber can take some of the inner nose skin off if you use it without the vaseline! I had no idea. Poor kid, no wonder he hates that thing! Bad Mom, Bad Mom. Cristian sat on Daddy's lap for most of the appointment listening to everything the doc said. His only objection came in the form of a raised eyebrow when the discussion turned to the role of vaseline in assisting in the relief of constipation. He didn't seem too keen on that one. The raised eyebrow got a big grin and laugh from the doc. My kid, what a comedian. In the end, we are rockin' the saline nose drops and moving past the "first cold". The jury is still out on the constipation assist, I am hoping a little extra H2O in his bottle will do the job and we won't have to cross that bridge!

Oh, for those of you who have sweetly asked, my family is all safe and sound after the hurricane. Ike did very little damage to the houses of my family and my Aunt Ellen and Uncle Carl were able to fly out of Louisianna to make their Alaskan cruise! I wish I could have gone with them...I hear those Alaskan cruises are relaxing and the scenery is fantastic! Plus, I wouldn't have to squeeze my two babies in two years butt into a bathing suit! Double bonus!

BTW- Cristian LOVES football! He hangs out with Dad in the recliner and watches game after game! Here are some recent pictures with all his longhorn gear! And that outfit...a size 12 months! It's big on the sides, but lengthwise...perfect!

All smiles!!! I tried to get the raised eyebrow, but my camera is too slow!


Jan said...

STACEY...I'm shocked at the photos of your precious angel boy in LONGHORN apparel. Oh well, he's still adorable...even in that burnt orange stuff.

He's so incredibly adorable...well done!

Li Li said...

Hello ADORABLE! I love it all...the smiles and especially the UT gear!

PS-- I am with ya on the not wanting to cross that bridge either. Yucky.

PPS- I am glad Cristian is feeling better! :)

Stacey said...

Oh Jan, you Aggie! I'm sorry you couldn't get in to UT! Hehehe!!!

Kelli said...

Try giving him some diluted apple juice or juicy juice. Whenever Braden's had too much milk...the juice cleans him right out :)