Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just Pictures

I told mommy, cut to the chase and just post pictures of me doing what I do. It's what people come for anyway!

Grammie D & me at the Kyle Music Festival.

So cool I decided not to smile.

Golf anyone?

Jumperoo + TV = Complete Happiness

Daddy & me taking a little nap before the UT game.

Happy to Bee in my 1st Halloween Costume.

Flying Baby Bee

I'm over it. Can you get this thing off of me now?


Jan said...

Muy precioso! My faves are the golf outfit and the way Carlos and the boy are sacked out. Too adorable!

Anonymous said...

Since I can't be there to see Cristian grow up...KEEP THE PICTURES COMING....Like see Carlos and Cristian remindes me of what PawPaw Arnaud with all his grandbabies....glad to hear you had a great birthday...give Cristian a kiss for me.
Aunt Ellen