Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy as can be.

Well, things have been crazy lately. Carlos and I took turns keeping Cristian last week. Our sitter had a conflict, so Carlos took off Monday and Tuesday and I worked from home Wed-Fri. It was fun to see Cristian all day, but working from home was hard. My VPN was slow and the work I was doing did not jive with a slow network. Anyway, I got through it and as a weekend bonus, 4 of my favorite ladies came over. My mom came Friday and spent the entire weekend helping me with Cristian so I could reorganize the house (more on that later) and Lisa, Franny & Zooey came Saturday afternoon. At this stage I was really excited to see Cristian reacting to the girls (who are now almost 8 months old). He was so typically an only child. He looked at them with amazement, but had no intention of sharing mommy and grammie with them. In fact, he NEEDED to be held pretty much the whole time they were here. And, he spent the afternoon engrossed in watching football instead of playing with the girls. What a total guy? Carlos picked up a shift at the resteraunt Sat night, so it was just us girls (and Cristian) for the afternoon. We had such a good time, passing babies and chatting. Really more of a mommy playdate.

So, Cristian has been growing and growing. He has now outgrown his carrier carseat and his changing table. When he was born we bought a small changing pad (made for a bassinet) to use while he was little. Well, this weekend, we had to upgrade. We added the changing table extension on his chest and bought the bigger changing pad. He seems to like the larger pad and now he can kick mommy while I try to change his pants! So, since we added the extension, the changing table would no longer fit on the wall by the we had to rearrange the nursery which set off a whole house rearrange event. I change the dining room, our spare room and the hall closet. Yeah I am a glutten for punishment.

Yesterday Carlos helped me install our 3-in-1 carseat in my car. Carlos had the carrier base in his car, so he was going to continue using the carrier until we could get a second 3-in-1. Today, when I picked up Cristian and he rode in his big boy seat for the first time, we was sooo cute. He sat up and looked out both windows. He just smiled and his eyes lit up. It was like he was watching a tennis match, his head went back and forth from window to window. It was precious! And, Carlos was cruising Craig's List and found an identical 3-in-1 for his car! He asked all the right question when talking to the seller and he promises to really check it out before agreeing to purchase. The seller is a realtor and they have planned to meet Wed. afternoon (when she is near his office showing houses). I can't wait until he gets to watch in the rear view as Cristian sits up in the truck looking back and forth.

Just a quick update of our week. More pictures to come when I find time to upload them!

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Li Li said...

Yea! We had fun too! The girls were soooo tired that night from all the toys! :)