Friday, November 14, 2008

New Pics of Our Big Boy

Since you reminded me I do not post enough pictures, this one is for you Kelli! We can't wait to go to the zoo with you and Braden!

Pre-lunch, lookin' good and clean.

If you stop moving I might actually get some of the sweet potatoes in your mouth! Cristian is still getting the hang of eating and I am, obviously, still getting the hang of feeding a moving mouth!

Our little monkey likes bananas and biting the spoon! I finally realized I have to use the plastic bibs now...after ruining several cloth ones...duh!

Twin-zees! Franny has Zooey and Cristian has Grammie! Oh yeah, its Longhorn time!

Ya'll know I am not normally into character clothes...but this is the absolute cutest! Thank you Mimi for this awesome ode to sponge bob! And, thank you Grammie for Cristian's new bedding, he loves to stare at the longhorn logos!


Nimkee's Mum said...

Stacey...Cristian sure is a cutie! I absolutely love, love, love that SpongeBob outfit!

I am going to catching up on this later....right now it's time to feed the troops!


Jan said...

Longhorn logos! I'm crushed. This poor little boy, growing up in a longhorn home. Oh well, at least he has great parents! (aside from the longhorn thing)