Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1st Day of School

Yesterday was Cristian's first day at daycare. And it was a doozie, more for him and Carlos than for me. I had researched and visited several places last week while on vacation and the last place I visited was the right place. Our friend Kristin has a friend from work that suggested a place close to our house where their son goes and they were right on. The place, Country Baby, was perfect. Clean with a great staff. There are only 4 babies including Cristian and they are in a seperate building from the big kids. The 2 year olds and up are in the main building. The baby place is quiet and calm, just the right place for play and nap. Carlos wasn't able to see it ahead of time so we went together yesterday morning. Cristian was awake and happy when we dropped him off. He was the 2nd to arrive and the ladies were excited to meet him. He is such a flirt they all seemed to hit it off.

Carlos dropped by at lunch (because he is over protective and sweet for his little guy). Unfortuneatly he arrived to a crying Cristian in a swing. Poor little guy, he hates the swing (which, bad mommy, I forgot to mention to the staff). He had been fed and while his teacher was trying to feed the other little ones, she placed him in the swing for some relaxing time. She had no idea the beast she would unleash! Totally not her fault, he is the only baby I know of that hates the swing. Carlos rescued him from his torture chamber and got him to sleep in a jiffy while showing the teacher how to get him to nap. He is so particular, he doesn't like to be cuddled anymore and wants to be held a certain way while having his hands rubbed. His teacher was greatful for the tips and Carlos left once he was tucked away in his crib.

Two hours later I got a call from the school. Cristian had a scratch on his face when he woke up. No biggie, he scratches his face when he is really tired. It was so great that they called though, I really appreciated the thoughfulness. I try to keep his nails cut, but every other day is apparently not often enough. When I picked him up he had a huge scratch, not quite what I expected, but a little neosporin and he would be fine. He was asleep when I put him in the car, but woke on the way home. I tried to talk to him, but he ignored me. Yes, he holds a grudge. Apparently he was not happy about being left with strangers and having to share toys with other little people. He continued to refuse to make eye contact with me when we got home, turning his head from side to side when I tried to talk to him. Wonder where he gets that from? Hmmm?

Finally, after his bottle and a loud belch, he turned and gave me a big smile. Silent treatment be gone. You know, despite his seemingly bad day, Cristian managed to eat like a champ. Comfort food? Maybe? Little piggy like mom & dad? More likely.

I am happy to report that today went far more smoothly. Carlos went by and had a visit during lunch (You could have guessed that one huh?), and Cristian was doing great. He seemed more relaxed in his new place and the staff were really positive about his day. He did, however, make a run for the rattles. Apparently he took hold of a few and refused to share. Once again, where does he get that from... When I picked him up he was in a rocker and greeted me with a big 'ol gummy smile. What a little cutie. I am so thrilled he had a good day, I hope this is just the start of many.

He spent the last 3 months with Mandy's sister Alice and her partner Albert. They were so amazing and gave me such piece of mind when I had to return to work. Cristian loved being with them. I really feel that his first 5 1/2 months have been perfect. As a newborn he got tons of love and one-on-one attention. Just what every newbie needs. Now he is beginning to play and move about, it is the perfect time for him to be around other babies. He will learn to share and play...skills I would find hard to teach him without other babies around.

I do have pictures of the infamous scratch...it is worse that you think. But, I have to get to dishes. I will post pics later when I have more time. And, by the way, leave me a comment and tell me you are out there...I feel like I am writing to ghosts.


Li Li said...

Hello-o-o-o!!! I am here!
Keep writing! :)

Jan said...

Here I am, here I am. I check on you and your boys daily.

Sounds like the daycare is a winner. Way to go, Mom!