Thursday, February 5, 2009

So Much to Say

The last few weeks have been super busy. Work has been kicking my butt. We are overlapping administrations so ending and beginning all at the same time has been quite the challenge. I am also training a new editor (yeah I got help) and that has been hard because I don't have enough time. In addition, our house has become a danger zone. Cristian is crawling! Not on two knees yet, but he has mastered the Marine crawl. I am now on high alert when he is free and moving. He also has two big white teeth (both on the bottom) and he loves to drink from his sippy cup and to bite it. He is sitting up too which really helps when he plays on the floor. I think he was getting pretty tired of tummy time. Last week he had his first diaper rash. I think I was feeding him too much concentrated fruit. We used up a tube of Boudreaux's and I went back to cereal with fruit and it disappeared in a couple of days. Now we just need his nose to stop running and we will be back to normal. I think it is the weather (cold in the am and hot in the pm). I have been having the same stuffy, runny nose issue. All-in-all we are really enjoying our newly mobile little guy. He is happy as usual and makes us laugh everyday.
Sittin' Up

What is this? Apples? Are you sure?

Ok. I'll try it.

Yikes! Those apples sure are sour!

I'm awake!

I see you!

Come and get me!

7 Month Bear Chair Pic

Yes, there is still more to say, so read on. This week I got in touch with two very dear friends...Jill and Roxanne. These girls are the best of the best, two of my very favorite people growing up. I was pretty moody (to say the least) when I was young (what's new?) and I did not appreciate either of their friendships the way I should have. Nor did I put in the effort to maintain the friendships like I should have. I was so busy doing...Well, I don't know what I was doing but I should have been a better friend. It made my week to touch base with them again on Facebook! The funniest thing is that I had been talking about them alot the last few weeks; telling Carlos some old stories and how I wished I knew how to reach them. God answered my prayers because there they were, right on my screen! Actually, I got two prayers answered this week. I have been missing my Philip alot this week. Sometimes I just get overwelmed, and this week was one of those times. I have cried at my desk more than once. Anyway, ever since Philip died I have wanted to go to a grief class, but never came across the right one. Well, my wonderful friend Jan is starting a new 13 week GriefShare class at her church on Monday and I am signed up. Jan is a faithful, loving soul that I truly adore. He husband went to be with the Lord about a year and half ago (after a long illness) leaving her a very young widow. She amazes me with her strength and grace and I am thrilled that she will be leading this class. It is the perfect fit that I was looking for. Alright, it is late and I am tired. You all got new pictures of the King so I hope you are happy. We sure are! Oh, and did you notice, his hair is starting to come in!


Li Li said...

Stacey-- he has gotten so big! Even in the 3 weeks that it has been since I have seen him! And yay for the crawling and sitting up! :)

PS-- I am glad to hear about you finding a class. Jan sounds awesome so I am sure that it will be a blessing for you. Love you!

Li Li said...

Oh and kiss the munchkin for me and tell Carlos I said hi! :)