Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Update

Mom and Aunt Colleen came over Saturday and had a whole bunch o' fun with Cristian. He did great showing off all his best tricks! In addition, he made me look good when he got his first scolding. Well, maybe scold is a bit harsh. Now that little boo is crawling, his favorite place to go is right over to the air conditioning vent. It is metal and makes a nice loud noise when he bangs on it. I don't really mind the noise, but the filter is behind the metal grate, so banging on it releases dust right into little bit's face. Yuck! Well, saying No didn't seem to get his attention in front of my mom and aunt so I got up and walked about 1/2 way to him and I said, with my finger pointing the other direction at his toy mat and toys, "Cristian, you know you are not supposed to be here. Turn around and crawl back over to your toys." And you know what? He did just that. Actually, when I was saying it I had no real confidence it would work. But, to my surprise it did. Mom and Colleen just cracked up. That kid is so funny! I have to admit, he was banging on the grate Sunday and I tried the same approach, this time he gave me a big smile then went right back to banging. At least he made me look good for company! Yesterday, we went to Carlos' good friend Victor's house for a BBQ. They have known each other since grade school but only recently found each other after many years. The big kicker is that Victor and his family live like 5 minutes from Carlos' moms house! We had a really great time and the food was awesome! Victor used some kind of Japanese BBQ sauce on the meat and it was delicious...sweet and tangy! Yummy! Afterwards we went by Estella's so she could see her grandson. Jimmy and her bought Cristian a little music machine that he can bang on like a drum. It made noise so of course he loved it. When we got home Cristian was still going (energizer bunny like) so we let him crawl around on the floor and play with toys while we got lazy on the couch. We knew he was finally ready for bed when he tried to use Curious George as his pillow! That kid never has a fuss (unless it is feeding time, of course).

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