Tuesday, November 9, 2010

House Happenings etc.

Well, well, I never thought I would see the day…that our house would sell! After all the paperwork and pain…it looks like we are finally on the verge of closing! I should hear from my realtor in the next few days with a closing date. I knew this would happen right around the holidays! I just know I am going to end up hauling a box or unpacking a box over my vacation. Oh well.

Even better news, Cristian is feeling mush better. Did you know that they make Claritan for 2 year olds? They do! My little ball of allergies will be taking them as needed from now on. So glad we found something to help with his allergies. Now, we need to get him back with the humidifier at night. We had another bloody nose last night. Not strep this time, just really dry air. If it is not one thing, it is another

Anybody heard about “Little Buddy” Wade Phillips getting fired yesterday? Carlos calls him “Little Buddy.” I actually pulled over driving home yesterday when I heard the news. Carlos was at work, but I just had to text him. He called me right back. It was the news of the day at our house. Hopefully Dallas can scrape together some dignity and finish out the year on a high note.

Carlos and I caught Cristian saying the F-word in the car the other day. Well, I mean, it sounded like the F-word…over and over and over. We are both pretty sure he was saying something else, but the jury is still out. I can be a sailor, but I have really tight-lipped it since having Cristian. If he did pick up a bad word from me, it would not have been that word.

Now, some deep, thought provoking, rhetorical questions that are on my mind today...
Have you ever worked at a company where your fellow employees were jockeying to get on the layoff list? Even during a recession? How bad must it be at such a place? Did you ever work for a bully boss? How about a boss that said, in a meeting about self appraisals, “If you don’t like working here, you can leave.”????

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