Monday, February 27, 2012

Been a long time

It has been a year of change. Cristian is almost 4...Philip would have been 5 next week. We have moved again and I am taking on a different role at work. All good in their own ways. It has been nice having a 15 minute commute as opposed to an hour commute. Cristian has been throwing less in I can't even remember the last time he had a tantrum. Hazzah! I am enjoying learning new things at the office and doing some crosstraining. I went back on Weight Watchers 2 weeks ago. They have meetings at my office, so I really have no excuses. It works...I just have to stay focused. No emotional boredom eating...I have to stay busy. I've been at my company for 12 years so I know I can I just need to show a little of that in my healthy lifestyle commitments. I want to live...if not for me, then for Cristian. With a little sweat I may even get to my goal weight by the end of the year. Wow, that would be a great New Years. Would love to have a new love to go with that imaginary body I am thing at a time! Our divorce will be final soon! A simple, no issues divorce is a pain in the butt! Ha! We thought, why pay for an attorney, this is a simple divorce. No property, no splitting assets. Simple. We decided to just put together the paperwork and file it ourselves. Ha! What a joke the county offices are???!!! It has taken months to get a court I'm thinking I should have just bit the bullet and paid an doesn't matter now, argh.

So, things are moving along. Cristian is doing so well at school. His teachers like him and he adores them. He has two close friends that he plays with at school and talks about constantly at home. He loves to drum (on the new drum I bought him...yes, I'm a glutton) and shoot his rubber band gun (another new toy, from our trip to the rodeo...he has me wrapped around his finger). He likes to tell Grammie how she 'knows everything' and he expects her to answer all his questions. Yes, she lies sometimes....she likes to say that she is not lying but just 'making up stuff'. I don't really see the difference but whatever gets him to stop asking 'why?'!!

I'm doing ok. Still trying to wrap my brain around being single. It has been almost 7 years since I was last single. How does dating work...more to the point where will I meet dates? Yikes! Actually, it didn't take me long to get use to being the boss again. I've never had a problem being independent...I always prefer to have my way anyway. Ha! But, there are times when I would like to have another adult around to talk to. As it is I talk to myself far too much! :-) Kidding...maybe. Oh, and having someone to kiss and hug and all that would be nice too. Who knows what the future will hold, only time will tell. I'm in no rush...but I am sort of. I still want more babies and I'm I can't wait forever. Please God, send me the man of my dreams...and do it fast!

I said this last year, but this year I think I am more serious about it. I am going to write a few times a week on this blog. I probably won't post a ton of pictures as that takes much more effort that I can muster in the evening...but I will try to tell our stories. A little about me and a little about Cristian. Day to day happenings that will be nice to look back on years from now.

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