Monday, February 27, 2012

Nascar's Newest Fan

For the first time in history the Daytona 500 was postponed yesterday due to rain. Which was strangely lucky for me. Cristian was with his dad yesterday so we are getting to watch all the action together. Yay! I know, I know, you had no idea I liked Nascar. Well, the truth is I like all sports...including car racing, skulls & even curling. Unfortunately, I don't get ESPN with my cable package so I gotta get what I can from the major networks. Anyhoo, I am very surprised that Cristian is totally into it. For the first 30 minutes he sat in silence. Love that kid. So, I am dubbing him Nascar's Newest Fan. Ha!

On an entirely different topic, I worked from home today. I wasn't feeling so hot this morning. I've been having these vivid dreams lately and I haven't been sleeping well. Ok, ok, not those kind of dreams. Weird dreams. I had one last week where I dreamed one of my co-workers (that I only know by name...I have never even spoke to this person) died from alcohol poisoning. See, I told you, weird. The last few nights I just keep dreaming that I needed to apologize to someone. Strange. I never do anything wrong why would I ever dream of apologizing?? Ha! I'm kidding. Actually, this has a longer story to it. I was on Facebook last week and I was reading a post from an old high school friend. One of the comments on her post was from another friend from high school that I haven't seen in many years. He was a good friend but as we all know I was sort of messed up back then and we lost touch after graduation. So, of course I friend requested him. He accepted, and ever since I have been thinking about way back when. My best memory of this guy was when he defended me to a group of guys talking smack. I didn't know about it until later when he reluctantly admitted what he had done. I was so young and dumb I don't even know if I said Thank You. I was so use to men/boys treating me like crap that I didn't know what to do when one of them was actually nice to me. I was such a mess back them. Just stuffing down all the emotions of divorce and a dad who never had time for me. Yuck! Anyhoo, so seeing this person on Facebook made me think of all of that and apparently my dreams are telling me to go with it and just send him an email saying thanks for being a friend way back when, especially since I wasn't the easiest person to be friends with. Think I'll send that tonight...maybe I can finally get some sleep.

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