Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Busted Lip & Margaritas

Yesterday I dropped Cristian off at school and as he walked over to me he tripped over one of the other kids and fell face first to the ground. Luckily he has awesome reflexes so he caught himself just an inch or two above the cement floor. Yay! No smashed face! Then he burst into tears, I helped him up thinking he was just startled...but then I saw blood. He had saved his nose but bit his lip in the process. It was bleeding like crazy and immediately puffed right up. Poor kid, he has full lips (which are precious), but when they get fat, they get really fat. So, he ended up with a big ol' busted lip. I stayed around for a bit to get him settled while the rest of his class went to the cafe for breakfast. Once he was calm I took him over to join his class. He sat down and immediately all the boys were asking to see it and if it hurt and "cool!" They are really bred that way...I'm pretty sure none of their parents taught them to oooh and ahhh over scars and blood, they just do, instinctively. Here is a picture from last night.
It looks better than it did in the morning, but you can still see it is a little swollen. I asked him after dinner if he wanted to go get an ice cream cone. He said no, that he wanted to stay home and play soccer instead. O.k. Well, that was until bed time rolled around and then he was all about getting ice cream. It was, obviously, too late so I convinced him that he could have some today. This morning he woke up and asked, "Can I watch Jake with my ice cream cone?" Ha! So I said, "You can watch Jake, but no ice cream for breakfast." His response, little stinker, "But, mommy, you said last night I could have ice cream cone today." Well, he got me...luckily I convinced him to wait and have ice cream after dinner tonight...and since he was with Carlos today, I had to call and tell his dad to make sure and give that kid a cone!
On a different note...I got to have a lovely dinner with my very dear friend A. this evening. She is such an awesome lady that I have known for a number of years. We met at work forever ago, but she moved companies 5 years ago and we haven't been in touch for awhile. Strangely, we are both recently divorced and living, literally, down the street from each other. Ha! So great to reconnect and have a nice, long, full of conversation dinner that even included margaritas. Yum! I'm thrilled that through it all we just started where we left off. Isn't it soo cool when you have a friend like that? I have a few of them...I feel like that is how you know that you have a true friendship...time doesn't change your love for each other.

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