Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rodeo San Antonio!

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Rodeo in San Antonio. Mom was with her friends that day, so it was just the two of us. That was really the first time I have taken Cristian somewhere by myself. Obviously, we go shopping and whatnot alone...but this was the first 'event' that we attended alone. It was really run and he was super well behaved. We had such a good day.

He had to get a picture in front of this 'monster tire'.
Cristian took this one all by himself...he lines it up and pushed the button. Love it! Did you know I'm Special? I am.
Love the carousel. Rode it twice.
This was the second time...I had been holding his leg, for obvious reason (see that crazy metal rigging in the middle...I didn't want him to slip). This second time he told me to stop holding him because he wasn't a baby anymore. I took pictures instead...while facing backwards, but spinning forward. And yes, my tummy paid the price for this cute pic, but it was all worth it.
Our favorite part of the Rodeo: the swine races! Love those little piggies racing for an oreo.
We had a great day. We saw lots of animals and people and had some VanDeWalle tacos. Yum! I did give in and bought C. a rubber band gun. It isn't as bad as it doesn't stretch the bands enough to hurt when you shoot (it you even accidentally shoot someone), but it is good for target practice. To be honest, I think I have played with it more that C. Ha!

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