Monday, March 12, 2012

The Flu

I've been so obnoxious lately telling everyone how we made through this year with no sickness. I mean last year I had strep and Cristian had it twice...combined with a few ear infections, it was a tough year. I chalked it up to Cristian attending a new school with new kids and new germs.

So...on Saturday mom and I noticed Cristian wasn't really eating much and by Sunday he still wasn't really eating. I thought he might be going through a stage (although not eating is pretty rare him). He was acting himself so I didn't think too much of it. Late Sunday night he had a bloody nose and we quickly realized that he was burning up. His temp was a bit over 103. Cristian runs hot most of the time, but 103 is high even for him. I pulled out the acetaminophen and we started treating the fever. By 3am he was crying and his temp was over 104. I stripped him down, gave him another dose of medicine, and added a cold compress to his back. He slept until 10am, but woke up still running a fever over 103.

Off to Texas Med Clinic we went. Of course, by the time we got in to see the nurse his temp was down to 101 and he was cracking jokes. You would never have known he was sick. That kid has a habit of making me look like that know the hypochondriac mom who takes her kid to the doctor when every time he sneezes. Ha! So, they swabbed him and he tested positive for the flu. Yay. I know I am nuts, but I was actually hoping for strep. I've never had the flu and he hasn't either...I don't know what to do with the flu.

Since we caught it early they said we could get the Tamiflu, which was a relief. As long as his fever is gone by tomorrow, he can still make it on our family outing to Sea World on Saturday. In fact, bribing him with Sea World is what I am doing to get him to take that nasty Tamiflu. Ha! Whatever works. Medicine is tricky and sooo important (which his 3-year-old brain can not rationalize), so I am more than willing to bribe.

Tomorrow, while he continues to lay around and watch Nick Jr. I will be super cleaning. In addition to regular laundry, every sheet, blanket, towel, rug etc. will get washed. I have to wipe down every surface and door handle. Anything he has touched is going to get disinfected. So fun. The upside, hopefully, I won't get it. I think I'm probably just a carrier anyway. Besides last year's Strep I rarely get sick. Growing up I just assumed that I was a carrier. Ha!

So, I cancelled the professional photo session I had planned for us and have rearranged my spring break schedule to accommodate Cristian's quarantine. In the end, we will get to spend oodles of hours just hanging out and that is just fine with me. With all the health news I see on FB, I am so grateful that Cristian was diagnosed with a treatable condition.

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