Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lighten the Mood

It has been a tough all of Philip's birthdays are. Carlos picked up Cristian and we went together to the cemetery. Cristian is starting to put two and two together now and as a result he kept looking around asking where Jesus was. I'm trying not to scare him about death. My great grandmother died when I was very little and it scarred me for a long time. I cried myself to sleep scared of dying for years. Seems silly now, but I am trying very hard to make him understand that Philip was sick and he went to be with Jesus so he could be healed. I don't like to use the words death or died because they might be scary for him. I told him we were going to see Philip's stone and that me and his dad feel close to Philip when we are there and we talk to him. At the worst, Cristian might grow up thinking we are both crazy (not that I can argue with that one), but hopefully he won't grow up scared of dying. Hey, these kids don't come with a manual, I'm doing the best that I can. I really do try to think things out for him and present them in a positive way. I'll let you know in 20 years if I totally screwed him up. :-)
So, anyway, after all that Carlos took Cristian and I came home. Cristian has been having some anxiety about not sleeping in his bed, so Carlos brought Cristian home tonight instead of him staying at his house. So, after bath and as I put on his pajamas this little gem of a conversation happened...
C: What are those? (pointing to my lady humps)
Me: Those are breasts. (trying not to laugh)
C: Why are they there?
Me: Well, when a woman has a baby she feeds the baby with her breasts.
C: What is in there?
Me: Milk, baby milk.
C: Can I have some?
Me: Ummm, no. Mommies only have milk when the babies are very little. Once the babies get teeth in their mouth the milk goes away. Then the little kid eats food, like you. And milk from the jug and not baby milk from the breasts.
C: Oh, so you don't have milk in there?
Me: Not anymore because you are not a baby anymore.
C: Ok. Can I have a banana?
Seriously?? My kid cracks me up. I am so glad I got back on this blogging thing because just this week I have been able to save some great moments. We had the penis talk some time know the one where you have to let him know where and when it is appropriate to yank on that thing. But, the breasts too? I mean geesh, he is only 3...I thought I would have until 6 or 7 before these uncomfortable conversations. A.w.k.w.a.r.d. And just because I feel the need, here is an apple smile so we can end the day with a couple of giggles.

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Li Li said...

At least you said breasts. I used the word "boobs" and now the girls run around yelling "BOOBS!" cause they think the word is hilarious.

oi vey.