Sunday, July 1, 2012

Goals for the year...6 months late.

Ok, ok, I know it is July and most people state their goals in January. But, honestly, I wasn't really sure what I wanted to accomplish this year and so I've been coasting for awhile and I've finally decided to cut it out and commit. So, here are the three BIG goals I want to accomplish over the last half of this year.

1. Register for school. I want to finish my degree via Lamar University Online. Step 1, register. I actually started the application some time back, but I didn't have all my transcript info. Finishing the application and pressing SUBMIT would really only take an hour or so.
Update - registered and starting Oct. 2012!

2. Lose weight. I know how much weight I want to lose overall, but in 6 months I'm not sure what a realistic goal should be for that amount of time. Instead, I am committing to 1 hour per day of activity (walk with Cristian, work-out DVD, swimming laps). Whatever really, just one hour per days off. I am also back on weight watchers. No meetings, just me using the point system on my own. The third part of this goal is Meatless Mondays. I am trying to eat less meat, so I'm starting with one meatless day a week.

3. Find a church and get involved. I have been listening to services from several churches in my area via the WWW for awhile now, but I have yet to visit in person. This week will be Cristian's first time to attend church in over a year. I know...bad mom. We watch church on TV and that counts for something. But, I really want him to have a church home. A place to learn about Jesus and to fellowship with other believers. Cristian attends a private Christian school and they have chapel one day a week, so he does get some exposure there...but I want Sunday mornings to be a time for our family to worship together. Once I decide on the place, I am most looking forward to joining a Bible study. I've never been apart of a small group before, so that will be a new adventure for me.
Found one! RCCC is the place to be. Perfect fit for us, tons of familes with littles and a great community.

Well, there they are, my 3 goals for the last half of the year. I will try to update every week or so with my progress. Here's to hope the beginning of 2013 includes school, church, and my skinning jeans.

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